Wednesday, 19 November 2008


You? Hahaha!!


Every king was once a crying baby,
every great structure was once a blueprint.


A: So you want to come back after 5 years and shoot your girl's boy?

B: No, after 5 years, when I am ready, my girl's boy will shoot himself.


The power of under-estimation is the best gift your critics and enemies can endow you with...bask in it.


Pramukh said...


Ashley said...

Haha, that's a great story. She must not have had down syndrome because you can usually tell with them because they have distinct features. Anyway, you're quite a magnet for things like this, it seems. I guess next time someone is staring you will be thinking "on phone, or retarded"... and hopefully the list will not get any longer, for your ego's sake :)

Iceman said...

Thnx for the suggestion, though its on the wrong post.
I have made a mental note of that :D
"On phone or retarded or I have finally become invisible "