Saturday, 8 May 2004

Why I am unlucky in Love!!

The year was 1999 , I was returning from Hiply with a relative and it was an erie , deserted highway to My City. I had just finished a nice week long vacation in my relatives estate. Me and my uncle were the only two travelling and we were both tired and very very cranky. It was around 1 am and pretty much nothing was happening all through when all of a sudden my uncle brought the car to terrible halt. There they were...two magnificient beauties of nature, two serpents..big brown King cobras...performing a mating ritual in the middle of the highway!!!
My uncle had stopped because he didnt want to run over the serpents...I never realised that.He asked me to pick up the double barrel gun that most estate owners normally keep, from the back of the car! He wanted the gun because it was unsafe to stop in such a place. Me not realising this picked it up and in a rush of adrenaline aimed it at the snakes and fired two shots.The second shot found the head of the male and killed him instantly.

Be warned , it is never right to hurt any living being and to kill a snake is the worst thing you can do!Because the female serpent just looked at me and just stood there half coiled as if thinking or saying something with a lot of painImage. The snake on that fateful night cursed me for 'Rasabhanga paapa' with a curse called 'Rasabhanga shaapa' which means I will never ever in my life be Lucky in loveImage.

The testimony to this fact has been realised by me today...after 5 years of phoo phooing the curse, I have realised that it is indeed true.Because I have been blessed with a lot of good friends a lot of nice people around me...but still feel kinda set apart, because whenever I think of going after a girl or even fancy someone they end up far away from me. Sure I become a main part of their love story but as a villain.ImageImageImage!!!

Fancied I have , for fun a lot of girls but only fancy, its a breese to get over. LoveImage happens once and it has pained me because of the curse.HUM TO DEVDAS BAN GAYE HAIN YAARO!!! ROZ SHARAAB MAIN DOOBEIN HAIN LEKIN PHIR BHI PYAASEY HAINImage!!!
I have to convey two messages in this blog of mine...they are:-
1)Always be good to all living beings, importantly snakes...especially when they are mating!

2)Dont believe in this shit that I have written here, its all a pile of stinkin crap , it never happened to me. Aur upar se this love shove ain't my cup of tea.But you can go ahead and follow the first message...But really this blog was created to give anyone who reads this ...A HEARTY LAUGHImage!!!!!

[Note: This story was transferred from another old blog of mine. Refer comments for more info]

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