Wednesday, 6 December 2006

My trip to the hospital

OK guys the inevitable has happened. I have finally fractured a bone, which I never thought I would!! For some reason I always felt I would never break a single bone in my body ...ever! But I did!!

Relax its just a toe.
How? Long story.

I'm a bit hyper, never got both legs on the ground together(Oh yeah, I did once, It was a Thursday) and when I was moving around like this at home, tried to avoid something in the way and in the process kicked the leg of my sofa hard enough to send it a few yards across the room and fell THUD to the floor. Fortunately my bottom is safe - or else god knows what!

Now the thing is I went around with the broken toe thinkin' and hopin' that it was just a sprain or a hairline fracture at the most, for 2 days. Later I was forced to go to a orthopaedic specialist at the hospital my uncle works in and he was good

The very first thing is, it was crowded when we went in. The first thing the doc did was pounce on my toe and press it. After I screamed the hell outta his room and pierced holes though his ear drums he let go and asked me to get a X-ray. I limped after my uncle into the X-ray room. As he was speaking to those people at the X-ray room I noticed a cute chick Doc staring at me. She was a student and god knows what she was doing in that dungeon!!!

I said "Hi!" and got it back with a smile. I gave her my name and she opened her mouth to say something but I heard

"He is barely 20, that ok???"

No! She didn't say that, it was my uncle. He said that to her. She was doing her interns thingy, so my uncle as generous as he is, decided to cut our long conversation short and save us the trouble.

As my uncle groped away a fuming me, I managed to return a smile to her giggles and just let myself get whisked away to the X-ray room.
Inside the X-ray room the guy made me sleep on that stupid cold table in all kind of postures that not even raunchiest models nor the Kama Sutra figures would have dreamt of posing like.

Next I learnt I had suffered a severe fracture to my toe. He asked me how I had been walking all those (two) days. I thought I was actually supposed to show how so when I got up to show how, he just pressed my head down and made me sit down again.

He wanted to set my toe next and gave me some painkiller and asked me to wait outside.
Outside!!! That 'outside' was one hell of a place!! It had all the features of a crowded Indian Bus:
-There was the crying child
- The old granny who sat right next moi and told me about all the kids who broke there bone in her village and about the rest of her sad life and the cruel world
- Then there was the sick guy who just came and totally fell all over me, then he sat up slept over wife's lap and just threw his legs onto mine.

The doc came after 20 mins of this madness and asked me to check if my toe was still He said the pain killer would need time to take effect so he would be back later and with that he left me in that madness for another half an hour.

Guess what??? Half hour later the pain killer still had no effect!!!
So I just told him pretending to myself that I was one of those guys from the action hero movies
"Get on with it doc!! I can take it, but cant take this crowd!!!"

After some more screeching, yelling, shouting and beating around the room, my toe was set and I limped out of the hosp as if I was reborn.

All this...for a toe!

[Note: This story was transferred from another old blog of mine. Refer comments for more info]


  1. I read this one the other day - I told you in the HUGE draft email I am writing you about your blog, but I will tell you here as well, this had me laughing out loud (for real). Why is there 22 months missing? between 2004 & 2007? you only blogged twice in all that time?

  2. awww..that is to bad, I like reading your blog - I will be done soon, I am up to April 2009. The email I am still writing, I think I said this on another post but I may not send it, that remains to be decided.