Friday, 9 February 2007

A Little about me...

A crazy doubt!!!

Im very talkative...I spend all my calories by talking itself...most of the time I talk nonsence...purposefully maybe, maybe not.

I laugh a lot...coz I like to, somehow that seems to irritate some ppl,
but I dont care.

I love coffee...I cant live without it,I am addicted to it....its like my O2.
Its like doping for me...I once gave up coffee and I started havin all sorts of problems like acidity n all, lol ! Come to think of actually causes acidity.

I dont like eating....not a food freak at all. Trust me you will realise that with jus one glance towards me! Thats why I dont go out to eat either...I always wondered why we are made to eat 3 times a day. yeah 3!

I am a gemini...and I guess I act pretty much like it...and I found out that lately...not that I take that stuff seriously!!!

I love animals...I got a dog and spend a lot of time with my fish...I have even made a few ponds to tame all sorts of fish n all!!! Would love to have a cat!!

I love my family and all my friends....cant live without them.

I love to make new to new people...but I don't really open up that well sometimes, depends!

I am one of those people who don't know themselves.I am very confused about myself.Everything I have written here are only those features that are obvious.Its the not-so-obvious stuff that I need to write about.I continue to decipher my own code starting from now.And whatever comes up in the future during this research :P will be published in posts that come up.

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