Saturday, 16 June 2007

Reference list

1)The Matrix
2)Matrix reloaded
3)The matrix revolution
4)Pirates of the Caribbean
5)Pirates of the Caribbean 1&2 + Hook                 [3movies - 1 repeat]
8)X-men 3:The last stand
9)Rocky III
10)Rocky IV
11)Ice age
12)Ice age 2:The meltdown
13)Liscence to kill [OO7]
14)Tomorrow never dies [OO7]
15)OO7 - Pierce Brosnan's 1,3,4    [All in english][OO7]            [3 movies]
16)OO7 - Peirce Brosnan's 1,2,3,4 [Only Golden eye in English][OO7]    [4 movies - 4 repeat = -1]
17)Casino Royale [21st flick of OO7]
18)Casino Royale [21st flick of OO7]- 2nd DVD - Better print        [Repeat = -1]
19)Blood Diamond + The marine + Apacalypto    [Bad print]        [3 movies]
20)The Lion King 1,2,3                    [3 movies]
21)Die Hard 1,2,3 + The last boyscout                [4 movies]
22)Good,Bad and Ugly
23)Fast and the furious + Too fast too furious                [2 movies]
24)Minority report
25)The last Samurai
27)Don - Remake
29)Lage Raho Munnabhai
30)Rang de basanti
31)Harry Potter 1,2,3              [Watch 1,2 in 49]            [3 movies]
32)Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
33)Surf's up
34)Beyond Enemy lines
35)Rush Hour 1,2    + Super cop 1                   [3 movies]
36)Lord of the rings 1,2,3                    [3 movies]
37)Mr Bean Holidays
38)Rambo 1,2,3 + The specialist                    [4 movies]
39)Meckanna's gold,Five man army,Genghiz Khan            [3 movies]
40)Jurassic Park 1,2,3 + Godzilla                    [4 movies]
41)Catch me if you can [2 DVDs]
42)Day after tomorrow + Independence day                [2 movies]
43)MIB I & II + Wild Wild West                    [3 movies]
44)Fantastic four - ROTSS
47)Charlie's Angels 1&2    [Might have problems]            [2 movies]
48)Harry Potter and the Order of the pheonix
49)Harry Potter 1,2                         [Better print than 31]     [2 movies -2 repeats = -1]
50)Om shanthi om
51)The Great escape
52)Terminator 1,2,3                        [3 movies]


1)The departed
2)Final Destination 2
3)Underworld Evolution
5)Posiedon [Bad print]
6)Gone in 60 seconds
7)The Aviator
10)Monsters inc
11)Shark tale
12)The Italian job 1
13)The Italian job 2
14)Finding nemo
16)Sindbad Legend of the seven seas
17)School of rock
18)The Mask
20)Bheja fry
21)Bruce alimighty
22)Hot shots [1991]
23)Face off
24)Simpsons movie.avi
25)The pink panther
27)Mission Impossible 3
31)50 first dates
32)Happy gilmore
33)Happy feet
34)Inside man
35)Jhon Tucker must die
36)Patch Adams    [Has some problems]
37)Shooter [2007]
38)The mummy
40)There's something about Mary
41)War of the worlds
42)Wild hogs
43)The road to El Dorado
45)Die Hard 4
46)The Bourne identity
47)The Bourne supremacy
48)The Bourne utimatum
49)Enemy of the state
50)Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark
51)The ghost and the darkness[small res]
52)The illussionist
54)Con air
55)Notting hill
56)Ocean's Eleven
57)Ocean's Twelve
58)Ocean's Thirteen
60)Me,Myself and Irene
63)Jhonny English
64)A beautiful mind
65)The Shawshank redemption
67)Barrier 13
68)da Vinci code
70)You got served
71)The devil wears prada
72)Final destination 3
73)The ring
74)The medallion
75)The incredibles
76)The condemned
78)Shrek 3
79)Jab we met
80)Johnyy gaddar
82)The omen
83)Prince of Egypt
84)POTC 3: at world's end
85)Sleepy Hollow
87)Around the world in 80 days
91)The sting
92)The day of the Jackal
93)Ben Hur
94)Iron Monkey
95)True Lies
97)Spiderman 1
98)Spiderman 2
99)Spiderman 3
100)The Mask of Zorro
101)Short Circuit
102)Short Circuit 2
103)The Simpsons [Better print]
104)Fantastic Four
105)Tare Zameen Par
107)The usual suspect
108)The descent
109)Escape from Alcatraz
110)The English patient
111)Finding Neverland
112)Mystic river
114)Romeo and Juliet
116)I am Legend
118)Curious George
119)The terminal
120)The Golden compass
121)Dil Chahta Hain
123)The quest [Jean Claude Van Damme]
125)Matchstick Men
126)National security
127)A little trip to heaven
128)National Treasure - book of secrets
129)A perfect murder
130)A streetcar named desire
131)Van Helsing
133)National Treasure
134)Andaaz Apna Apna[Hindi]
135)Baby's day out
136)Blood Diamond
138)deja Vu
139)Good will hunting
140)Good fellas
142)Hot fuzz
143)If only
144)Indiana Jones and the last crusade
145)LA confidential
146)Mr & Mrs Smith [2005]
147)Mungaru male[Kannada]
148)One flew over the cuckoo's nest
149)Pearl Harbour
151)Pulp fiction
152)Rain man
153)Road to perdition
155)Batman begins
156)The godfather
157)The godfather 2
158)The godfather 3
159)The green mile
160)The pursuit of happiness
161)The Sixth sense
162)The kingdom[2007]
163)When Harry met Sally
164)Behind enemy lines
165)Die Hard 4.0 [1 CD print]
167)It's wonderful life[1947]
168)The bridge on the river Kwai
169)To kill a mocking bird[1962]
170)Lawrence of Arabia
171)It happened one night[1934]
174)The assassination of Richard Nixon
175)Citizen cane[1941]
176)Rush hour 3[2007]
177)Bee movie
178)Alien Vs Predator Requiem[2007]
179)Heavenly creatures[1994]
180)American beauty[1999]
181)As good as it gets[1997]
182)Kramer Vs Kramer[1979]
183)The pianist[2002]
184)Training day[2001]
185)American gangster[2007]
186)Black hawk down[2001]
187)Schindler's list
188)Kill Bill Vol I
189)Kill Bill Vol II
190)The Fugitive
191)Akira Kurosawa - Rashomon (1951)
192)Fritz Lang - M (1931)
193)Metropolis (1927)
194)North by Northwest [1959]
195)Seven Samurai [1954]
196)Vertigo [1958]
197)Monty python and the holy grail
198)Little Miss Sunshine
199)Where eagles dare
200)A Fistful of Dollars
201)For a Few Dollars More
202)Night at the museum[2006]
203)Space Cowboys
204)The shutter
206)The beach[2000]
207)Dog day afternoon[1975]
209)Scent of a woman[1992]
210)The insider[1999]
211)The score
212)Fight club
213)American history x
215)Primal fear
217)America's sweethearts
218)Apocalypse now
220)Charlie Wilson's War
222)Confessions of a dangerous mind
223)Erin Bronkovich
224)Forrest Gump
226)Full metal jacket[1987]
227)Gates of Heaven (by Errol Morris) [1978]
228)Good luck Chuck [2007]
229)Guns of navarone[1961]
230)Hearts and minds[1974]
231)In the Shadow of the moon[2007]
232)It's a mad mad world
233)Lara Croft Tomb Raider[2001]
234)Me,Myself and Irene[2000]
235)Meet Joe Black
236)Micheal Clayton[2007]
237)Michael Moore
240)Pretty Woman
241)Raid on Entebbe [1977]
242)Rambo 4
243)Run fat boy run[2007]
244)Saving Private Ryan
248)The Assassination of Jesse James
249)The Boondock Saints[1999]
250)The devil's advocate[1997]
251)The game[1997]
252)The graduate
253)The king of kong [2007]
254)The Missouri breaks
255)The terminal
256)The Truman show [1998]
257)Touching the void[2003]
258)Wedding daze[2008]
259)Dodge city[1939]
260)My best friend's wedding
261)Eastern promises[2007]
262)Gone baby gone[2007]
263)Into the wild[2007]
265)Sweeny Todd-The demon barber of fleet street[2007]
266)A walk to remember[2002]
268)The holiday[2006]
269)The notebook[2004]
270)The world's fastest Indian[2005]
271)What women want[2000]
272)Air buddies[2006]
273)Alvin and the Chipmunks[2007]
274)Bambi [1942]
275)Bambi -II [2006]
277)Children of men[2006]
278)Death at a funeral[2007]
280)Dumb & Dumber[1994]
281)Even Almighty[2007]
282)Gangs of New York[2002]
285)I am Sam[2001]
286)I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry[2007]
287)Red eye[2005]
288)School for scoundrels[2006]
290)Spirit-Stallion of the Cimarron[2002]
291)The constant gardener[2005]
292)The hoax[2006]
293)The interpreter[2005]
294)The iron gaint[1999]
295)The life of David Gale[2003]
296)The Polar Express[2004]
297)The woodsmen[2004]
298)Treasure planet[2002]
299)Wedding crashers[2005]
300)Star Wars 1 The Phantom menace [1999]
301)Star Wars 2 Attack of the clones [2002]
302)Star Wars 3 Revenge of the Sith [2005]
303)Star Wars 4 A new hope [1977]
304)Star Wars 5 The empire strikes [1980]
306)Alien [1979]
307)Aliens [1986]
308)Exorcist II  [1978]
309)Exorcist The Beginning [2004]
310)Jaws [1975]
313)Rescue dawn[2007]
314)V for Vendetta[2005]
316)All the president's men[1976]
317)I love Huckabess[2004]
318)Runaway jury[2003]
321)Cape fear[1991]
322)Once upon a time in America[1984]
325)88 Minutes[2007]
326)Carlito's way[1991]
327)Glengarry Glen Ross[1992]
329)August Rush[2007]
333)The hunting party[2007]
334)Good night and Good luck[2005]
335)Intolerable cruelty[2004]
336)O brother where art thou[2000]
338)The good german[2006]
339)Three kings[1999]
340)The grudge [2004]
341)The grudge 2 [2006]
342)Sleepless in Seattle [1993]
343)You've got mail
344)Apollo 13
345)10,000 BC[2008]
346)Horton Hears a who![2008]
347)Moby Dick
348)National Treasure 2-Book of secrets[2007]
349)Remember the titans[2000]
350)Welcome - Better Print
351)The Seven year itch[1955]
352)The Wild Bunch [1969]
353)The bank Job[2008]
354)The forbidden kingdom[2008]
355)Transporter 2
356)Vantage Point[2008]
358)Buffalo Soldiers
359)Dragon Wars D-war[2007]
360)Match Point
362)The Mummy Returns
363)The Woodsman[2004]
364)Jamaica Inn[1939] Alfred Hitchcock
365)Rebecca [1940] Alfred Hitchcock
366)The Birds [1963] Alfred Hitchcock
367)HellBoy -Exiles
368)A Millionaires First Love
369)Police Academy 1
370)Police Academy 2
371)Mary Poppins
372)The Rock
373)Batman Gotham Knight [2008]
374)Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
376)Life in a Metro
377)The Game Plan
378)The Thirteenth Floor
379)Saw 1
380)Saw 2
381)Saw 3
382)Saw 4
383)Never Back Down [2008]
384)In Bruges [2008]
385)Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost ark
386)Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
387)Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
389)Bend it like Beckham
390)Mein Kampf
391)Sin City[2005]
392)The Village[2004]
395)Ace Ventura - Pet Detective (1994)
396)Ace Ventura - When nature calls (1995)
399)The Ron Clark Story
400)Casino Royale [2006] Best print
401)Rocket Science
402)Kungfu Panda [2008]
403)Resident Evil [2002]
404)Resident Evil Apocalypse [2004]
405)Resident Evil Extinction [2007]
406)Prom Night [2008]
407)Doomsday [2008]
408)You Dont Mess With Zohan[2008]
409)The Devils Advocate [1997]
410)Transformers[2007] [Better print]
411)My Big fat Greek Wedding
412)Sleeping Beauty
413)101 Dalmations [1961]
415)Those magnificient men in their flying machines[1965]
416)The Lavender Hill mob
417)   1. Dr. No (1962)
418)   2. From Russia With Love (1963)
419)   3. Goldfinger (1964)
420)   4. Thunderball (1965)
421)   5. You Only Live Twice (1967)
422)   6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) [~DVD no B56]
423)   7. Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
424)   8. Live and Let Die (1973)
425)   9. The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)
426)  10. The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
427)  11. Moonraker (1979)
428)  12. For Your Eyes Only (1981)
429)  13. Octopussy (1983)
430)  14. A View to a Kill (1985)
431)  15. The Living Daylights (1987)
432)  16. Licence to Kill (1989)
433)  17. GoldenEye (1995)   
434)  18. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
435)  19. The World is Not Enough (1999)
436)  20. Die Another Day (2002)
437)  21. Casino Royale (2006)
438)Some like it hot [1959]
439)Wait until Dark [1967]
440)21 [2008]
441)The Dark Knight [2008]
442)A wednessday [2008] - In one of the Star Trek DVDs
443)Wall E [2008]
444)Iron Man [2008]
445)Honey I shrunk the kids
446)My cousin Vinny
447)Get smart [2008]
448)Mama Mia
449)Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [2008]
450)The Incredible Hulk[2008]
451)The Prestige [2006]
452)The ugly duckling and Me [2006]
453)Khuda Ke Liye
455)Aladdin and the King of Thieves [1995][Part 3]
456)Journey to the Centre of the Earth [2008]
457)Wanted [2008]
458)Adromeda Strain [2008]
459)Restraint [2008]
460)Toy story [1995]
461)Toy story 2 [1999]
462)Charlie Chaplin - Easy Street[1916]
463)Charlie Chaplin - The Fireman[1916]
464)Charlie Chaplin - The Immigrant[1917]
465)Charlie Chaplin - The Adventurer[1917]
466)Charlie Chaplin - A Dog's Life[1918]
467)Charlie Chaplin - The Kid[1921]
468)Charlie Chaplin - The Pilgrim[1923]
469)Charlie Chaplin - The Circus[1928]
470)Charlie Chaplin - City Lights[1931]
471)Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times[1936]
472)Burn after reading [2008]
473)Oh Mr.Porter!
474)Mad Max [1979]
475)Mad Max 2 The road warrior [1981]
476)Mad Max 3 Beyond thunderdome [1985]
477)Babylon A.D [2008]
478)Out of Africa [1987]
479)The hills have eyes 2 [2007]
480)Wrong turn 2 - Dead end
481)8mm [1999]
482)Alien 3 [1992]
483)Alien 4 resurrection [1997]
484)Rock On!!  [2008]
485)Fashion [2008]  - In one of the Star Trek DVDs
486)Chicken Little
487)A Bug's life [1998]
488)Carandiru [2003] [French]
489)The Bucket list [2007]
491)Quantum of Solace[2008]
492)Transporter 3[2008]
493)Death race[2008]
494)Hellboy 2 - The Golden army[2008]
495)The X files - I want to believe[2008]
496)Barry Lyndon
497)For Whom The Bell Tolls [1943]
498)The Last Picture Show [1971]
499)The Outlaw Josey Wales [1976]
500)Monsters inc
501)Angels With Dirty Faces
502)Touch of evil [1958]
503)Stalag 17
504)Under the Volcano [1984]
505)Yankee Doodle Dandy [1942]
506)Ghost Town [2008]
507)Friday the 13th Part 1
508)Annie Hall
509)Taxi Driver
510)Crank [2006]
511)Ghost Town [2008]
512)Disaster movie [2008]
513)Taken [2008]
514)The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [2008]
515)Disaster Movie [2008]
516)Igor [2008]
517)Khosla ka Ghosla
521)Monsters Inc.
522)Shrek 2
523)The legend of the drunken Master [1994]
525)Fun with Dick & Jane [2005]
526)Dude where's my car [2000]
527)The Wrestler [2008]
528)The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion,the witch & the Wardrobe [2005]
529)The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince caspian [2008]
530)The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [2008]
531)Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind [2004]
533)Saludos Amigos
534)The Three Caballeros
535)Collateral Damage
536)Gran Torino [2008]
537)To Sir, with love [1967]
538)Dial 'M' for murder
539)Madagascar 2 - Escape to Africa [2008]
540)The day the earth stood still [2008]
541)The escapist [2008]
542)Lock up [1989]
543)Meet Dave [2008]
544)Australia [2008]
545)The hills have eyes [2006]
546)Wrong turn [2003]
547)Twelve monkeys [1995]
548)Police Academy 3 - Back in Training [1986]
549)Police Academy 4 - Citizens on patrol [1987]
550)Police Academy 5 - Miami beach [1988]
551)Police Academy 6 - City under siege [1989]
552)Police Academy 7 - Mission to Moscow [1994]
553)Unfaithfully Yours [1948]
554)The great silence [1968]
555)My Darling Clementine [1946]
557)Choke [2008]
558)Changeling [2008]
559)Righteous Kill [2008]
561)Insomnia [2002]
562)Turtles can fly
564)Antz [1998]
565)The Count of Monte Cristo [2002]
566)The Machinist [2004]
567)Twlight [2008]
568)Aladdin 2 The return of the Jaffer [1994]
569)Beerfest [2006]
570)Disney Classic - 08 - Make Mine Music
571)Disney Classic - 09 - Fun and Fancy Free
572)Disney Classic - 10 - Melody Time
573)Bolt [2008]
574)Sunshine [2007]
575)Chapter 27 [2007]
576)Tropic Thunder [2008]
577)Yes Man [2008]
578)Seven Pounds [2008]
579)Ladri di biciclette [1948] (The Bicycle thief)
580)The diving bell and the butterfly [2007]
581)La vita รจ bella (Life is beautiful) [1997]
582)Arsenic And Old Lace [1944]
583)Resident Evil-Degeneration [2008] (Animation)
584)Princess Mononoke [1997]
585)LAuberge Espagnole [2002] (TNT) [French]
586)Shaun of the Dead [2004]
587)Dr.Strangelove [1964]
588)Valkyrie [2008]
589)Thank you for smoking [2006]
590)Jaane Bhi do yaaro [1983]
591)City of God [2002]
592)How to loose friends and alienate people [2008]
593)The silence of the lambs [1991]
594)Fast and the furious - Tokyo drift [2006]
595)Rear Window [1954]
596)Austin powers - The international man of Mystery [1997]
597)Austin powers - The spy who shagged me [1999]
598)Austin powers in Goldmember [2002]
599)City Of Ember [2008]
600)Vozvrashcheniye [2003]
601)Lethal Weapon 1 [1987][Director's Cut]
602)Lethal Weapon 2 [1989][Director's Cut]
603)Lethal Weapon 3 [1992][Director's Cut]
604)Lethal Weapon 4 [1998][Uncut](Also included - Lethal Weapon Bonus disc)
605)12 Angry Men [1957]
606)Role Models [2008][Unrated Edition]
607)The Burrowers [2008]
608)Asterix the Gaul [1967]
609)Asterix and Cleopatra [1968]
610)The Twelve Tasks of Asterix [1976]
611)Asterix versus Caesar [1985]
612)Asterix in Britain [1986]
613)Asterix and the Big Fight [1989]
614)Asterix Conquers America [1994]
615)Asterix et Obelix Contre Cesar [1999]
616)Asterix & Obelix Mission Cleopatra [2002]
617)Asterix And The Vikings [2006]
618)Asterix Aux Jeux Olympiques [2008]
619)Wild things [1998]
620)The Purple Rose of Cairo [1985]
621)Maverick [1994]
622)Conspiracy Theory [1997]
623)Ferris Bueller's Day Off [1986]
624)Barnyard [2006]
625)Fast and Furious 4 [2009] [R5]
626)Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles [2007]
627)Sweet November [2001]
628)The Patriot  [2000]
629)Payback [1999]
630)Chicken Run [2000]
631)Bird on a wire [1990]
632)Terminator Salvation [2009] R5
633)Quarantine [2008]
634)Children of Heaven[1997]
635)Charlie Chaplin - The Knockout[1914]
636)Charlie Chaplin - Kids auto races in Venice [1914]
637)Charlie Chaplin - A film Johnnie [1914]
638)Charlie Chaplin - The New Janitor [1914]
639)Charlie Chaplin - Mabel's Strange Predicament [1914]
640)Charlie Chaplin - Between Showers [1914]
641)Charlie Chaplin - Charlot Et Le Chronometre [1914]
642)Charlie Chaplin - Caught in the rain [1914]
643)Charlie Chaplin - Fatal Mallet [1914]
644)Charlie Chaplin - The Masquerader [1914]
645)Charlie Chaplin - Cruel Love [1914]
646)Charlie Chaplin - His Musical Career [1914]
647)Charlie Chaplin - Getting Acquainted [1914]
648)Charlie Chaplin - Dough and Dynamite [1914]
649)Charlie Chaplin - Laughing Gas [1914]
650)Charlie Chaplin - Mabel's Married Life [1914]
651)Charlie Chaplin - The Good for Nothing [1914]
652)Charlie Chaplin - Tango Tangles [1914]
653)Charlie Chaplin - Mabel's Married Life [1914]
654)Charlie Chaplin - Face on the bar room floor [1914]
655)Charlie Chaplin - Those love pangs [1914]
656)Charlie Chaplin - Laughing Gas [1914] [REPEAT]
657)Charlie Chaplin - The rounders [1914]
658)Charlie Chaplin - Recreation [1914]
659)Charlie Chaplin - In the Park [1915]
660)Charlie Chaplin - Shangaied [1915]
661)Charlie Chaplin - Charlot Trabajando de Papelista - Work [1915]
662)Charlie Chaplin - His Regeneration [1915]
663)Charlie Chaplin - Champion [1915]
664)Charlie Chaplin - La Fuga de Charlot - A Jitney Elopement [1915]
665)Charlie Chaplin - The Tramp [1915]
666)Charlie Chaplin - A Night out[1915]
667)Charlie Chaplin - One AM [1916]
668)Charlie Chaplin - The Vagabond [1916]
669)Charlie Chaplin - Tillie's Punctured Roma [1916]
670)Charlie Chaplin - The bond [1918]
671)Charlie Chaplin - Rekvizitor [1924??]
672)Charlie Chaplin - Le Cirque [Non English Version] [1928]
673)Charlie Chaplin - The Carnival [1938??]
674)Enchanted [2007]
675)Bloodsport [1988]
676)Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels [1998]
677)X-Men Origins Wolverine [2009] [R5]
678)Angels & Demons [2009] [R5]
679)Duplicity [2009]
680)Fired Up [2009]
681)He's Just Not That Into You [2009]
682)The Forgotten [2004]
683)The Hangover [2009]
684)The Haunting in Connecticut [2009]
685)The Pink Panther 2 [2009]
686)Watchmen [2009]
687)100 Girls [2000]
688)Blue Velvet [1986]
689)Van Wilder Freshman Year [2009]
690)Rachel Getting Married [2008]
691)Knowing [2009]
692)Sex Drive [2008]
693)The Horsemen [2009]
694)17 Again [2009]
695)Killshot [2008]
696)The Full Monty [1997]
697)Step Brothers [2008]
698)Crank 2 - High Voltage [2009] [R5]
699)Night at the museum 2 - Battle of the Smithsonian [2009] [r5]
700)Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle [2004]
701)Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay [2008]
702)Swordfish [2001]
703)Meet The Parents [2000]
704)Son Of Rambow [2007]
705)Panic Room[2002]
706)Flightplan [2005]
707)Contact [1997]
708)Hannibal [2001]
709)Pocahontas [1995]
710)Ice Age 3 - Rise of the Dinosaurs[2009] [R5]
711)Cloverfield [2008]
712)Gods must be crazy 1
713)Gods must be crazy 2
714)Gods must be crazy 3
715)Air America [1990]
716)P.S. I Love You [2007]
717)Ransom [1996]
718)Turner & Hooch [1989]
719)In The Loop [2009]
720)District 9 [2009]
721)Race To Witch Mountain [2009]
722)Disturbia [2007]
723)Daredevil [2003]
724)Redline [2007]
725)My Sassy Girl [2008]
726)Push [2009]
727)Hannah Montana The Movie [2009]
728)The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 [2009]
729)Public Enemies [2009]
730)Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince [2009]
731)The Ugly Truth [2009]
732)G.I. Joe The Rise Of Cobra [2009]
733)Star Trek [2009]
734)Road Trip 2 - Beer Pong [2009]
735)Vicky Christina Barcelona [2008] [SCR]
736)Big Fish [2003]
737)Stand by me [1986]
738)Witness For The Prosecution [1957]
739)State Of Play [2009]
740)Up [2009] R5
741)2012 [2009]
742)Sherlock Holmes [2009] SCR
743)The Final Destination 4 [2009]
744)Inglourious Basterds [2009]
745)New Moon [2009]
746)The Hurt Locker [2008]
747)The Boondock Saints II All Saints Day [2009]
748)The Boondock Saint's [1999]
749)Edward Scissorhands [1990]
750)Funny People [2009]
751)Meet The Robinsons [2007]
752)Planet 51 [2009] R5
753)Final Destination [2000]
754)Ghost of the Girlfriend's past [2009]
755)Enter the Dragon [1973]
756)Invictus [2009]
757)When the Wind blows [1986]
758)Reservoir Dogs [1992]
759)The Nightmare Before Christmas [1993]
760)The haunting [1999]
761)George of the jungle [1997]
762)George Of The Jungle 2 [2003]
763)The haunted mansion [2003]
764)I love you man [2009]
765)The Road [2009]
766)The princess and the frog [2009]
767)The Texas ChainSaw Massacre [1974]
768)The Boat That Rocked [2009]
769)Zombieland [2009]
770)Love Actually [2003]
771)Wrong Turn 3 - Left For Dead [2009]
772)Mission Impossible [1996]
773)Mission Impossible II [2000]
774)3.10 to Yuma [2007]
775)A Serious Man [2009]
776)Fantastic Mr.Fox [2009]
777)Office Space [1999]
778)Shutter Island [2010]
779)The Damned United [2009]
780)The Rainmaker [1997]
781)Unforgiven [1992]
782)Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen [2009]
783)Up in the Air [2009]
784)Bridget Jones's Diary [2001]
785)Wake [2009]
786)Ninja Assassin [2009]
787)Did You Hear About The Morgans [2009]
788)Brdget Jones The Edge Of Reason [2004]
789)Small Time Crooks [2000]
790)Justice League - Crisis on Two Earths [2010]
791)Alice in Wonderland [2010]
792)The Spy Next Door [2010]
793)Percy Jackson & the Olympians The Lightning Thief [2010]
794)The Bounty Hunter [2010]
795)Daybreakers [2009]
796)Deadly Impact [2009]
797)It's Complicated [2009]
798)The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus [2009]
799)Hot Fuzz [2007]
800)Adventureland [2009]
801)Knocked Up [2007]
802)Small Town Saturday Night [2010]
803)The Proposal [2009]
804)Analyze This [1999]
805)Analyze That [2002]
806)The Big Lebowski [1998]
807)Miss March [2009]
808)Futurama 1 - Benders Big Score [2007]
809)Futurama 2 - The Beast With A Billion Backs [2008]
810)Futurama 3 - Bender's Game [2008]
811)Futurama 4 - Into the Wild Green Yonder [2009]
812)The girl next door [2004]
813)The Good Guy [2009]
814)The Informant! [2009]
815)Saw 6 [2009] R5
816)The Collector [2009]
817)Date Night [2010] [Unrated Edition]
818)She's Out of My League [2010]
819)The Crazies [2010]
820)The Wolfman [2010]
821)Valentine's Day [2010]
822)Date Movie [2006]
823)The Book Of Eli [2010]
824)The A Team [2010]
825)Hot Tub Time Machine [2010] [Unrated Edition]
826)Death At A Funeral [2007]
827)Green Zone [2010]
828)How To Make Love To A Woman [2010]
829)The Ghost Writer [2010]
830)The Karate Kid [2010] R6 [Bad print]
831)Batman - Under the red hood [2010]
832)The losers [2010]
833)Kick-Ass [2010]
834)Cop Out [2010]
835)Clash of the Titans [2010]
836)Sex And The City - The Movie [2008]
837)Monsters Vs Aliens [2010]
838)Grown Ups [2010] DVDSCR
839)Cliffhanger [1993]
840)The Beverly Hillbillies [1993]
841)The Matrix [1999] BRRip
842)Blade [1998]
843)Blade - 2 [2002]
844)Blade 3 - Trinity [2004]
845)Bullitt [1968]
846)Barbwire [1996]
847)Wayne's World [1992]
848)Wayne's World 2 [1993]
849)The One [2001]
850)The Naked Gun - From the Files of Police Squad [1988]
851)The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear [1991]
852)Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult [1994]
853)48 hours [1982]
854)Clerks [1994]
855)Clerks 2 [2006]
856)Escape From New York [1981]
857)Escape From L.A [1996]
858)Predator [1987]
859)Centurion [2010]
860)Body Of Lies [2008]
861)Click [2006]
862)Constantine [2005]
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864)Kiss Kiss - Bang Bang [2005]
865)Paranormal Activity [2009]
866)Phenomenon [1996]
867)The Chronicles of Riddick - Pitch Black [2000][Director's Cut]
868)The Chronicles Of Riddick[2004] [Director's Cut]
869)The Chronicles Of Riddick - Dark Fury [2004]
870)The Exorcist [1973]
871)The Invasion[2007]
872)Under Suspicion [2000]
873)Underworld 3 -  Rise of the Lycans [2009]
874)Unthinkable [2010]
875)Untraceable [2008] R5
876)Wild Things 3 - Diamonds in the Rough [2005]
877)Women In Trouble [2009]
878)Young People Fucking [2007]
879)Zack And Miri Make A Porno [2008]
880)Boogie Nights [1997]
881)Death To The Supermodels [2005]
882)The Bone Collector [1998]
883)Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi [1983]
884)Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time [2010]
885)The Experiment [2010] SCR
886)The killer inside me [2010]
887)Star Wars - The Clone Wars [2008]
888)Twilight - Eclipse [2010] R5
889)Hera Pheri [2000]
890)Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot [1992]
891)Big Trouble In Little China [1986]
892)Tango And Cash [1989]
893)The Dirty Harry Collection - 01.Dirty Harry [1971]
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896)The Dirty Harry Collection - 04.Sudden Impact [1983]
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898)Salt 2010 [R5]
899)Iron Man 2 [2010]
900)Robin Hood [2010] [Unrated Edition]
901)Hachiko - A Dog's Story [2009]
902)Win a Date With Tad Hamilton [2007]
903)Wallstreet [1987]
904)Father Of The Bride [1991]
905)Father Of The Bride Part II [1995]
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943)Forgetting Sarah Marshall [2008] [Unrated.Edition]
944)In The Line Of Fire [1993] Clint Eastwood
945)Oldboy [2003] [Korean]
946)Predators [2010]
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948)Little Rascals [1994]
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986)Basic Instinct 2
987)Scary Movie 1
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1009)Resident Evil Afterlife [2010]
1010)Salt [2010] Extended Edition
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1020)Megamind [2010]
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1024)Tangled [2010]
1025)The 40 year old virgin [2005]
1026)Nude Nuns with Big Guns [2010]
1027)S.W.A.T [2003]
1028)S.W.A.T - Firefight [2011]
1029)Kung Fu Hustle [2004]
1030)Grindhouse - Death Proof [2007][Unrated Editon] AKA Thuderbolt
1031)Mean Girls 2 [2011]
1032)Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga'Hoole  [2010]
1033)Going The Distance [2010]
1034)Shaolin Soccer [2001]
1035)The American [2010]
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1037)Buried [2010]
1038)Case 39 [2009]
1039)Moulin Rouge [2001]
1040)The Animatrix [2003]
1041)The Hole [2001]
1042)Jackass - The Movie [2002] [Unrated]
1043)Jackass Number 2 [2006] [Unrated Edition]
1044)Jackass 3D [2010]
1045)Numb [2007]
1046)The Fighter [2010]
1047)Eight Below [2006]

[Last update - 06/03/2011]

The "hacking" incident

I still suspect my account can still be accessed by that person who stole my orkut cookie.I found some scraps missing in my scrapbook yesterday about 15 of them. So this is just to warn ya guys...that if u recieve any sick or suspicious mails/scraps , I am not responsible. Please bring it to my attention if it happens.

Tree explained on gtalk!!!

Can ya believe it?

I was findin it tuff to gather the head n tail of the 'trees' concept and thot I wud never be able to figure it out. The day before the OOPL exam, my friend -Anupama, a great gal and an even better student seemed more excited than me to make me learn the concept.And she did teach me the concept, ON GTALK!!! that too in 10 miserly minutes :O .
This entry is to thank her for her help, or else I would have never even tried to learn the damn thing!God bless U!

Friday, 15 June 2007

YAY! Finally an output!!!

I got the output!
I got the output!
I got the output!
I got the output!
I got the output!
I got the output!
I got the output!
I got the output!


Anyhow VIVA was different...I was asked to sit with 4 other bright students of the class and I ended up being the fool among five.:D. The external drilled us for a painful 45 minutes and somehow I think Im the only one who felt the holes. But I ain't complaining, after all when U have got an ouput for them first time in the computers lab , its time to party. I had almost screwed up this one too...but with some help from dear friend Shreenidhi I got through.Phew! Today is the day you will always remember as the day the external 'almost' failed Iceman.LOL!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Actually my password has never been stolen =))

The first time I freaked out, it was just a very dangerous worm called "vb.nei" which sends a copy of itself through ur email which can have some really sick headers. I suggest u to get a copy of AVG-AS for your protection if you are worried about it.

Second time, my orkut home page cookie was stolen.The javascript I told you about earlier is clearly visible in the snapshot of my scrapbook that I have included here[yes honey you have to click on the picture first].So he directly had access to my homepage, but not my password.So something positive to look at.

PS: If it is not clear what I am talking about click here to refer to an earlier entry related to the same so-called "hacking" incident.If u still dont understand then don't leave stupid comments cause if I publish them you will look like a fool. ;)

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The world is changing

Once upon a time leadership mattered, now dealership rules the world.


Once upon a time quality was craftsman's pride, now it is a departmental mess.


Once upon a time mouse was an untouchable mammal, now it is handheld pest.


Once upon a time wisdom was cultivated by wise people, now it is flashed on T-shirts.


Once upon a time teacher tought and students learnt, now teacher trade and students consume.


Once upon a time population was a problem, now it is a flourishing mass market.


Once upon a time competition brought out the best, now it brings out the worst in people.


Once upon a time there was a golden rule, now if you have gold, you rule.


Once upon a time truth telling was good for your soul, now it is bad for promotion.


Once upon a time success meant living by ideals, now it is about using above all principles.


Once upon a time beauty was in the eye of the beholder, now it is booming business.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Didnt get the output for a simple program

I cant imagine a person with worse luck.I got a combination on bad memory+utter laziness+rotten luck.
Octal conversion is supposed to be one of the easiest programs in the sem.
I had prepared well!!!For the first time in the year and jus b4 entering the lab I recalled that I hadnt revised a part of octal which I kept forgetting...I also told that to a friend.But I was already in and so thot I would probably not get that program...said "chill!" and took the token.
Guess what?Mr.Rotten luck is back in business!!!

Im in my 4th sem and I have got output in labs only 2 times.Yeah u heard that right...TWO TIMES.I always end up in the worst case scenario. The labs set the tone for my theory exams.
Its high time things turned around!

Tired of having my Password stolen

I tell you, I aint that dumb...but I must be a very popular target that makes me soo vulnerable to these plots.This is the second time its happening to me, the first time ppl jus got mails with sick headers from me...this is time its a whole lotta worse.

Today I am supposed to be studying for my exam which is tomorrow.I got a lab tomorrow.I am Iceman...I got the worst luck in the labs, and here I am worrying about my orkut account.

The thing is My orkut password was stolen from me. I am a careful guy...thats why an ingenious plan.
A person using a profile by the name "Anita Desai"[click here to see his/her profile] whose friends request I had rejected about 3 times and finally accepted cause s/hr had spoken nicely to me, was sending me links to do phishing on me.I had realised these attempts.So s/he hacked another friends profile "Mir" and sent me a javascript that steals ur cookie [I think]. Since I trust Mir I tried the script I knew something was fishy.But I should have been more careful , I ignored my instincts and forgot the matter.I suspect someone around me to be behind this [Like friend/companion/etc ].

Today to my horror, all my communities are gone, I am a member of all sorts of sick communities and my friends are getting sick scraps from me!!!

Since orkut is a popular social network in India it can have drastic effects on ur image.

I want your help to disable this persons profile.If u are an orkut member and if u care then pls click here and
then click on the report abuse tab at the left.
Follow the instructions.


Friday, 8 June 2007

Watch the Video , enjoy the Music.

This is my watch it, but let me warn ya, its full of my pics and a few if ya hate ma face then u better keep off this vid.

Edit 23/05/2011
Thnx Becky for pointing it out, I have removed the video :D

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Coke to conserve rivers,skips India

Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola on Tuesday pledged to conserve seven of the world's most critical river basins under a $20 million plan but skipped India, where it faces protests for allegedly depleting ground water.

The pledge was announced at the annual meet of the World Wildlife Fund in Beijing, where the Coca-Cola company launched a multi-year partnership with WWF to conserve and protect freshwater resources.The Coke-WWF partnership will focus on "measurably conserving" China's Yangtze,Southeast Asia's Mekong,the Rio Grande /Rio Bravo of southwest USA and Mexcio,the rivers and streams of the southeastern USA,the waster basins of the mesounerican Carribean reef, the east Africa Basin of Lake Malawi and Europes Danube river.

We are focusing on water because this is where Coca-Cola can have a real and positive impact," company chairman and CEO E Neville Isdell said.

The company's plant at Plachimada in Kerala was forced to shut down following protests from local people overdepleting ground water levels.The plant was shut down in 2004, but started functioning temporarily in 2005, pollution control Board.Recently, Coke shifted one of its production lines to Orissa.

This was a report in TOI dated June 6th,2007, Wednesday, reported from Beijing.

This seems more to me like a stunt to show India that people power doesn't exist and that only money speaks.

To show us that we will be very sorry if we throw Coke out of our market.Surely Coke has no regards if it conserves rivers or not.

I say we throw the God-Damned buggers completely out of our market once and for all and show them whose the boss. We will be content with coconut water, lemonade and the rest of the kind, because we Indians don't need your attitude we got plenty of our own. Pepsi and coke (And other headstrong foreign brands)- F off!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

4th internals

There was once upon a time when not scoring 20 in an internals would make me sad...these days I jump at the news of being lucky enough to write a 4th internals so that I can increase my avergae to that very fateful number...the NUMBER 15. Im kinda hitting a new low in everything of lately
and yet it all seems so funny :D...I've gone mad I guess...all that anxiousness must be getting to me. Tense about getting tense now...cause it totally wipes my memory clean.....HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Good,Bad and ugly

Excuse no 1:
Sometime in June 2006,

"He is fine...but he is too good,not at all the naughty know me right?...he is not my type"

Excuse no 2:

A good 6 months later,

" He is gr8!I love him...but he ain't that rich,thats too bad...ya know me right?...I just want someone to spend over me..."

Excuse no 3:

As it currently stands...

" He is quite a bad person, a really bad person(Now things are getting really ugly)...ya know me right?...I wouldn't want to be with someone like him...I know his mentality, avanu uddhara agolla, bere avarigu uddhara agokhe bidolla( Something that means close to 'Dog in the manger' in kannada) BF is a great guy,he loved me for so many years before I said yes...this guy doesn't even know I exist"


Sounds strange?...well I agree with every remark cause they are all true in one way or another...especially the last one, I know what I am.
But I really found it funny...coz this person is just as confused as me ,about me and also because
all these reactions were made voluntarily...nobody provoked/encouraged this person to give me a review as pleasant as this in any way. Ofcourse as funny as this is...I should be worried about my image with such testimonials doing rounds right?...wrong, I admit its all true, so I got no qualms as to who says what,if anything...I was jus shocked that a person whom I regarded as a close friend had to say this, still I ain't bothered...after all it cant get any worse can it? ;)

Farewell seniors

Its that time of the year again when your seniors leave and you always feel that you never had enough time to know them well...our seniors are leaving and I am sure I will miss the few of them that I got to know personally and that too only in the very last semester...maybe even those I didnt get to know ;) especially our seniors from CSE which is my Branch.

This is one sweet yet painful event taking place every year for the past few academic years...always a pain to see your seniors,friends go out...yet you are happy they have made it that far in style...seniors this year arent any different.

One of the seniors I would miss the most would be dear ol' Mithun. I got to know him while doing some voluntary work...and he was quite an inspiration.Disciplined ,decent, well-mannered guy...some you can always look up to.It shouldnt be hard to spot him among the pictures here...
He is in every snap that you see here...he is on the right in the second one enjoying holi with his bestfriends, below that u see him with his friends from the well known skit group- Vidhi and no points for guessing that the following two snaps are of Mithun da's. You gotta be a cool dude if u are in Vidhi, all in all...he is an awesome features galore...and Im happy I met him.

I wish all of them a very succesful career ahead...and happy lives henceforth...just dont forget your juniors from NIE (I know you wont).


Saturday, 2 June 2007


sup dog?

lol....This is Pluto...lying on his "bedsheet" which he tore the very moment I gave it to him...silly dog.

They say a dog is a mans best friend...u bet dude. I jus love him mad...after Priya maybe I love him more than Priya.(wondering whose Priya? here.)

After the unfortunate death of my two dogs,two years and a string of robberies later my folks were finally ready to allow me to get another pooch as a gaurd dog, that is when I went on the search for the right pup. We prefer the indian street breed to the others, cause they are well suited for our climate , need no maintainence and are very very sharp. I found him at the back of an ol' shed near my aunts place on a dark night (there was a power failure at the time ;) ).He came upto me and licked my feet...and the very moment he brought upon himself the dreaded curse of the Chatter-box. I picked him up and found that he was much heftier than his sisters and brothers so I brought him home.What are the effects of that curse?...well you
see, he has to now bear the brunt of listening to the chatter of the most feared chatter-box (which is me) for years on end and the poor mutt has nowhere to go...he is tied to his kennel.
You can see how bored he is in the picture.Beware of the the curse of the chatter box!!!!!

I am usually asked for a snap of my pal by friends online...So I decided to write an entire blog entry for him [:0]. HEhe.

Bolo Pluto Maharaj ki...."Bowbow".


Yeah Yeah...I know I should have done this long back but better late than never rite?

I was involved for a short while a few days ago as a part of an event which was held on the 29th of April,2007 at an open air theatre.

The show was organised to generate funds for a charity called DivyaDeepa charitable trust...which is basically a home for underprivileged children

I just want to say that the whole time was a wonderful experience, its one decision Ill always be happy I made (to volunteer of course) .I just wanna thank all the organisers and volunteers of the event which was a huge success, especially my team-mates Rohit, Shreenidhi, Abhishek, Surabhi and Pooja...a fine set of individuals I had the privilege of working with and I would like to thank my Captain, Mithun who led us well, I wish them all successful academic years and great careers ahead...and last but not the least, the children of Divyadeepa themselves for being such an influence...for reminding me how to dream..and how to chase the dreams we dreamt.