Thursday, 14 June 2007

Actually my password has never been stolen =))

The first time I freaked out, it was just a very dangerous worm called "vb.nei" which sends a copy of itself through ur email which can have some really sick headers. I suggest u to get a copy of AVG-AS for your protection if you are worried about it.

Second time, my orkut home page cookie was stolen.The javascript I told you about earlier is clearly visible in the snapshot of my scrapbook that I have included here[yes honey you have to click on the picture first].So he directly had access to my homepage, but not my password.So something positive to look at.

PS: If it is not clear what I am talking about click here to refer to an earlier entry related to the same so-called "hacking" incident.If u still dont understand then don't leave stupid comments cause if I publish them you will look like a fool. ;)

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