Thursday, 7 June 2007

Coke to conserve rivers,skips India

Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola on Tuesday pledged to conserve seven of the world's most critical river basins under a $20 million plan but skipped India, where it faces protests for allegedly depleting ground water.

The pledge was announced at the annual meet of the World Wildlife Fund in Beijing, where the Coca-Cola company launched a multi-year partnership with WWF to conserve and protect freshwater resources.The Coke-WWF partnership will focus on "measurably conserving" China's Yangtze,Southeast Asia's Mekong,the Rio Grande /Rio Bravo of southwest USA and Mexcio,the rivers and streams of the southeastern USA,the waster basins of the mesounerican Carribean reef, the east Africa Basin of Lake Malawi and Europes Danube river.

We are focusing on water because this is where Coca-Cola can have a real and positive impact," company chairman and CEO E Neville Isdell said.

The company's plant at Plachimada in Kerala was forced to shut down following protests from local people overdepleting ground water levels.The plant was shut down in 2004, but started functioning temporarily in 2005, pollution control Board.Recently, Coke shifted one of its production lines to Orissa.

This was a report in TOI dated June 6th,2007, Wednesday, reported from Beijing.

This seems more to me like a stunt to show India that people power doesn't exist and that only money speaks.

To show us that we will be very sorry if we throw Coke out of our market.Surely Coke has no regards if it conserves rivers or not.

I say we throw the God-Damned buggers completely out of our market once and for all and show them whose the boss. We will be content with coconut water, lemonade and the rest of the kind, because we Indians don't need your attitude we got plenty of our own. Pepsi and coke (And other headstrong foreign brands)- F off!

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