Monday, 11 June 2007

Didnt get the output for a simple program

I cant imagine a person with worse luck.I got a combination on bad memory+utter laziness+rotten luck.
Octal conversion is supposed to be one of the easiest programs in the sem.
I had prepared well!!!For the first time in the year and jus b4 entering the lab I recalled that I hadnt revised a part of octal which I kept forgetting...I also told that to a friend.But I was already in and so thot I would probably not get that program...said "chill!" and took the token.
Guess what?Mr.Rotten luck is back in business!!!

Im in my 4th sem and I have got output in labs only 2 times.Yeah u heard that right...TWO TIMES.I always end up in the worst case scenario. The labs set the tone for my theory exams.
Its high time things turned around!

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