Monday, 4 June 2007

Farewell seniors

Its that time of the year again when your seniors leave and you always feel that you never had enough time to know them well...our seniors are leaving and I am sure I will miss the few of them that I got to know personally and that too only in the very last semester...maybe even those I didnt get to know ;) especially our seniors from CSE which is my Branch.

This is one sweet yet painful event taking place every year for the past few academic years...always a pain to see your seniors,friends go out...yet you are happy they have made it that far in style...seniors this year arent any different.

One of the seniors I would miss the most would be dear ol' Mithun. I got to know him while doing some voluntary work...and he was quite an inspiration.Disciplined ,decent, well-mannered guy...some you can always look up to.It shouldnt be hard to spot him among the pictures here...
He is in every snap that you see here...he is on the right in the second one enjoying holi with his bestfriends, below that u see him with his friends from the well known skit group- Vidhi and no points for guessing that the following two snaps are of Mithun da's. You gotta be a cool dude if u are in Vidhi, all in all...he is an awesome features galore...and Im happy I met him.

I wish all of them a very succesful career ahead...and happy lives henceforth...just dont forget your juniors from NIE (I know you wont).


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