Monday, 4 June 2007

Good,Bad and ugly

Excuse no 1:
Sometime in June 2006,

"He is fine...but he is too good,not at all the naughty know me right?...he is not my type"

Excuse no 2:

A good 6 months later,

" He is gr8!I love him...but he ain't that rich,thats too bad...ya know me right?...I just want someone to spend over me..."

Excuse no 3:

As it currently stands...

" He is quite a bad person, a really bad person(Now things are getting really ugly)...ya know me right?...I wouldn't want to be with someone like him...I know his mentality, avanu uddhara agolla, bere avarigu uddhara agokhe bidolla( Something that means close to 'Dog in the manger' in kannada) BF is a great guy,he loved me for so many years before I said yes...this guy doesn't even know I exist"


Sounds strange?...well I agree with every remark cause they are all true in one way or another...especially the last one, I know what I am.
But I really found it funny...coz this person is just as confused as me ,about me and also because
all these reactions were made voluntarily...nobody provoked/encouraged this person to give me a review as pleasant as this in any way. Ofcourse as funny as this is...I should be worried about my image with such testimonials doing rounds right?...wrong, I admit its all true, so I got no qualms as to who says what,if anything...I was jus shocked that a person whom I regarded as a close friend had to say this, still I ain't bothered...after all it cant get any worse can it? ;)

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