Saturday, 2 June 2007


sup dog?

lol....This is Pluto...lying on his "bedsheet" which he tore the very moment I gave it to him...silly dog.

They say a dog is a mans best friend...u bet dude. I jus love him mad...after Priya maybe I love him more than Priya.(wondering whose Priya? here.)

After the unfortunate death of my two dogs,two years and a string of robberies later my folks were finally ready to allow me to get another pooch as a gaurd dog, that is when I went on the search for the right pup. We prefer the indian street breed to the others, cause they are well suited for our climate , need no maintainence and are very very sharp. I found him at the back of an ol' shed near my aunts place on a dark night (there was a power failure at the time ;) ).He came upto me and licked my feet...and the very moment he brought upon himself the dreaded curse of the Chatter-box. I picked him up and found that he was much heftier than his sisters and brothers so I brought him home.What are the effects of that curse?...well you
see, he has to now bear the brunt of listening to the chatter of the most feared chatter-box (which is me) for years on end and the poor mutt has nowhere to go...he is tied to his kennel.
You can see how bored he is in the picture.Beware of the the curse of the chatter box!!!!!

I am usually asked for a snap of my pal by friends online...So I decided to write an entire blog entry for him [:0]. HEhe.

Bolo Pluto Maharaj ki...."Bowbow".

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