Monday, 11 June 2007

Tired of having my Password stolen

I tell you, I aint that dumb...but I must be a very popular target that makes me soo vulnerable to these plots.This is the second time its happening to me, the first time ppl jus got mails with sick headers from me...this is time its a whole lotta worse.

Today I am supposed to be studying for my exam which is tomorrow.I got a lab tomorrow.I am Iceman...I got the worst luck in the labs, and here I am worrying about my orkut account.

The thing is My orkut password was stolen from me. I am a careful guy...thats why an ingenious plan.
A person using a profile by the name "Anita Desai"[click here to see his/her profile] whose friends request I had rejected about 3 times and finally accepted cause s/hr had spoken nicely to me, was sending me links to do phishing on me.I had realised these attempts.So s/he hacked another friends profile "Mir" and sent me a javascript that steals ur cookie [I think]. Since I trust Mir I tried the script I knew something was fishy.But I should have been more careful , I ignored my instincts and forgot the matter.I suspect someone around me to be behind this [Like friend/companion/etc ].

Today to my horror, all my communities are gone, I am a member of all sorts of sick communities and my friends are getting sick scraps from me!!!

Since orkut is a popular social network in India it can have drastic effects on ur image.

I want your help to disable this persons profile.If u are an orkut member and if u care then pls click here and
then click on the report abuse tab at the left.
Follow the instructions.


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