Saturday, 28 July 2007

VVS Laxman abused.

VVS Laxman was abused yesterday by British media.The media personnel walked out of a press conference when Laxman started speaking in Hindi.Some idiot even picked up the mic and walked away even as Laxman was speaking.If I was in Laxman's shoes I would have got off the dias and slapped the livin hell off that idiot.Twice.Once because u abused me, second time a message to everyone else in the room.I would do that cause I am not here to show any manners when it wont help.But whatever happened to the so-called gentlemen of Britain??You ppl like to call yourselves Gentlemen na? Gentlemen my ASS.You will never be half a gentleman as VVS Laxman is,ever.You are lucky u abused him and not me or anyone else like me.
What the bloody hell is the problem with speaking hindi in England??? Will your players speak Hindi in Delhi, Marathi at the Wankede and Kannada at the Chinnaswamy???? What reason will u give not to?You didnt study these languages? Thats not my problem is it? Who made english the official language? I love english no doubt, I admit...but an insult to an Indian is an insult to me.Click here to see your reward for being so "Gentlemanly".



Friday, 27 July 2007

Oscar the nursing home cat can sense death

His name is Oscar. He's not the friendliest cat. But he has an uncanny knack for predicting within hours when nursing home patients with whom he lives are about to die.

Oscar lives at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, and is the subject of a fascinating essay in this week's issue of the prestigious medical journal, the New England Journal of Medicine.

What makes Oscar special is his ability to sense when one of the hospice's residents is about to die.

Every day, Oscar makes his rounds among the patients, entering each room and giving each patient a sniff. When he senses that someone is near the end of his or life, he will hop onto their bed and curl up beside them. Within hours, without fail, the patient will die.

Oscar has demonstrated his prognostication skills at least 25 times. He's considered so accurate that nursing home staff will immediately call family members once Oscar has chosen someone, since it usually means they have less than four hours to live.

Dr. David Dosa, a geriatrician from Brown University in Providence, tells Oscar's story, noting that the feline has never been wrong yet.

"His mere presence at the bedside is viewed by physicians and nursing home staff as an almost absolute indicator of impending death," Dosa writes.

Raised at the nursing home since he was a kitten, Oscar is described as aloof -- even, at times, grouchy. But when he is on a death watch, he is as warm as can be. He will nuzzle a dying patient and purr, perhaps trying to offer whatever comfort he can.

"For his work, he is highly regarded by the physicians and staff at Steere House and by the families of the residents whom he serves," Dosa writes.

The staff appreciates Oscar so much, a local hospice agency has even erected a plaque to him that reads: "For his compassionate hospice care, this plaque is awarded to Oscar the Cat."
Now I did not write this to enlighten anyone.Most of you might have heard of this cat-Oscar.He is not considered as a physcic or anything. His skill,if you wanna call it that is considered as something more related to a bio-chemical activity.The cat is also appreciated and well recognised in positive ways in medical fields etc,.

What I did write this is more to see how this incident(s) would have gone down in India.How?
People would have gone bonkers.As usual the jobless people of Headlines Today and Aaj Tak would have dedicated a 12 hour segment to the cat! But there would have been more significant reactions. Superstitous that our people are, they would have come to an agreement that it is infact the cat that causes the death.It is not that the cat can realise death...but cause it.
No medical marvel here! Only god's fury. So what do they do?- KILL THE CAT! The holy goddess of the blah blah blah powers is angry on us for blah blah blah reasons.So we to sacrifice the bodily form of the cat to the goddess and perform the holy rituals of blah blah blah or we will all be doomed!!! :O
They kill the cat, do whatever the holy men say and phew! we are saved.Even a portion of the so called educated class agree.Boy! That was a close shave! Wasnt it!

LOL! Thankfully the cat is not in India!

I am heartbroken...I lost in the game of love

I am feeling very low today.I have been reminded of my love.The girl I loved so much! I loved for so many year,I did so many things for her...and still she did not accept me.
I found her picture in one of my old books today,I still love her I guess.It is a very heartbreaking story.I don't want to tell you about it.It makes me very emotional.I also beg you not to ask me about this to me in person.I cant control my feelings.But I can understand your concern, maybe some of you want to know about my past.Click here to read my sad tale of woe.Just don't cry after reading this or talk to me about it,that is all I have to ask of you.

Thank you for your time guys,I will not bother anyone about my heartbreak again.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Highlights of the day...

Had bought 2 pairs of neat lookin goldies yesterday, they are in the pond.Look happy

A black molly gave a bunch of babies.All lukin neat as well.Yeah baby.

Found two more teenage mollies(black) I thot I had lost forever...their sight made ma day.\m/

Finished one more errand around the house.NICE!

Played some good cricket today...all bones,muscles aching.

Wanna wake early morrow.

Astala Vista

My other soul

I am a Gemini and I am supposed to have two souls. [ Actually I got this sun sign fever from a friend of mine and it never seems to go down ;) ].
Its true I know my other soul too, the good one, unfortunately he is not with us today...I sold him to the devil.Yeah I SOLD MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL.I figured I didn't need an extra one anyways.Im the bad soul.As bad as it gets baby.Everything from in here can only look good,GOOOOD.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

...And u lead a nation Mr.Bush?

Gees!What a dope!!!

The cutest guy in the class...

Anup my friend and classmate is what I consider the cutest guy in the class.He has chubby cheeks and naive mind.Quite an innocent chap,thats what I feel...a very friendly guy...If you dont believe me then check out his pic and tell me if he is not cute.

Click here to see another pic.


I'm tired of being just an online friend,
a sequence of characters on your messenger window,
of being a spec of dust in your universe...
You know I'm talking about you!Yes you!
I'm tired of being your court jester,
me ain't a clown buggah...I wanna laugh too!
Tired of being "Sweet" when u don't really mean it.
Tired of being "The dream guy" when you don't want me yourself.
Tired of living in between telephone lines.
...of being a character in a shooting game.
...of being shaheed after killing non-existing terrorists.

Tired of all the people who are so hardcore behind their keyboard.
Tired of beginning the day at noon.
Tired of ending it when the birds start chirping,when Pluto stoppes barking.
Tired of the streetlight at the road past mine that spoils my sleep.
Tired of the headache caused by the lack of Harddisk space.
....and I say to myself
What a wonderful world!!!

You think I meant all that?Iceman has become very emotional???? ARE YOU SHITTIN ME???
I am just fuming over myself for being so addicted to the laptop nothing more nothing less.I LOVE MY JOB WHETHER I'M IN THE POOPERS OR THE PIG STY,and I love u all.


Get your butt of that chair
Go get some fresh air.
You are going bonkers I know
cause Im a part of ya ,bro'.
Throw that laptop somewhere
where?where? I dont care.
Go kiss a mad old cow
do something don't ask me how.
your eyes are in a terrible haze
soon you'll be deaf with all that bass.
Yo eyes are sore I can see
go climb up and fall of a tree
Do something...anything,just get out of that room
or Ill figure a way to kick ya in the moon.
you sleep late and wake late...
u do that and blame ur fate?
Is that why I dont have a date?
one things are a loser mate!
You wanna buy a Harley and a chevy...
you gotta stay in your limits mate, savvy?
If there is anything you are good at, then send me a mail,
cause Im on the net always and on your sorry tail.
You are a bad man and bad you will be
cause the best thing you can be,is me!
Ice can write some really nasty stuff when he is wasted,
Its just the scent of fresh air in months I haven't tasted.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

trying to mentally prepare for the most testing year in BE

It may not be the most toughest year academically, but emotionally it will be very testing.Cause its the build-up to the most important phase- recruitments. I dont think I am a strong person now...I must pull up my socks and gear up now.

Animal Organisation

My friend Anusha who is an animal lover herself(as am I) told me about this guy who has started an animal welfare organisation called "Animal Welfare Association" (AWA).She wanted to know if I was interested in joining it. I wanna help in such stuff , but these days I am not feeling I decided that I must take along some friends who would be interested, so that with some company Ill be comfortable.However, many agreed and zero actually made it.

I was feeling so let down that day when we were supposed to meet before going to the guys house(I still dunno his name). She told me to just come n have a look, so I agreed.I was so not myself at that time that by I got onto someone else's vehicle absent mindedly instead of my own bike.I was feeling stupid now.GREAT!!!

Finally after a lot of cinfusion in the by-lanes of the Kalidasa road we arrived at the place.The guy seemed jovial.Though I still dont like the idea that he finds killing scorpians as "Okay".I like scorpians kinda.Helpless things.Even some of my uncles love killing them. Anyways, at the end of the day I found it quite interesting. Though I'm still unsure of whether Ill join or not...cause I'm not sure if I will be okay with out company :D.He had some pretty nice ideas similar to mine of opening an animal shelter...that really sparked me up.I dream about such a place all the time...I wanna make an animal shelter too.Let us see what happens.

The thing about math!

I hated math in the beginning...I suffered a lot cause of math.Then a few changes, a tweak here and there and things turned around big time. I loved math now. Math was my strong point.Somehow it still was the place that hurt me the most!!

I always believed that someday in my student life I would score an out-of-out in mathematics.My 4th sem was the last chance I got to do that. The moments past. The dream is never gonna come true. I have to admit, I didn't prepare for that. I was more worried about my other subjects.No use crying over split milk.There are other dreams waiting for me.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Arre tu toh apun ka sabse bada crush hai, tereke apun-ne GODse duvva maanga hai...GOD apun ka sabsa achha bhai hai...sab chakachak hojayega. Or meri taraf se Harman Baweja ko thappad maarde...
Happy Birthday.
Apun Abhi chalta hai...bye.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

St.Philomenas, 4th June '07

Well we were early to a show of POTC 3: At world's end, so we had to move our asses somewhere to keep the blood flowing...and a friend came with the idea of visitin St.Philos, it is one of those places so reachable we never think of visitin...but we were glad we went there...

Rangantitthu, 3rd Jan '07

Was a swell time...

At the entry-

The first one is jus us gangstas wonderin wat the hell?
below a villanous guy plotting his next evil deed...

thats the place.

Rohit n Pradeep above, Pramukh included below.

Crocs are an usual things here, but we came quite close to one, there is a video...Ill show that sometime later in another entry.

Gosay Ghat, 3rd Jan '07

I know its a long time back, but what the heck?


Nikhil and Sharath above, below Nikhil, Sharath(sitting) and Rohit.

Rohit above,below Sharath , Rohit and Pradeep.

Monday, 16 July 2007

List of apologies:


They say apologising in public is the best way to say here is a list of apologies I have pending for ages:

I AM SORRY SHOAIB AHMED: for hitting you on the head in 9th standard, I still regret it...I am sorry and I mean it.

I AM SORRY HARSHITHA: for not attending your easter sunday after 10th standard exams even after u forced me so much.I acted like a jerk.

I AM SORRY KAVYASHREE: for asking you to "Keep your stinkin mouth shut" when u teased me 5 years back.Of course , things were a lot more misunderstood back then, which I hadnt realised for months until one of your friends told me, I never said anything more foul than that...but u obviously heard something else, If you friends was true.
Neverthless I shouldnt have said that and I am sorry.

I AM SORRY JAYASHREE AUNTY(THE LADY WHO LIVES IN MY COLONY): for hitting the ball so hard while playing cricket that it bounced off your chest then on your forehead and then on your head after which you fainted, soon after which your daughter(younger) fainted, then your elder daughter fainted and finally yur dog fainted , according to you ofcourse. BTW I know that the ball only hit your gate...but sorry for the inconvenience anyay.

I AM SORRY LITTLE KITTEN FROM THE NEIGHBOURS HOUSE: for squeezing you so hard while trying to save you, I was afraid you would bite me, I didnt know I was squeezing u so hard.

now for some of my stoning incidents...

I AM SORRY SWETHA( THE FATTER ONE) : for hitting you on the head with a stone(Pebble rather).

I AM SORRY TO DEVAMMA AND HER COCK: for hitting the cock with a stone.

I AM SORRY DOGGIES: all the doggies I have thrown a stone at.I am an animal lover really but sometimes I turn into a beast myself.

I AM SORRY X: for not goin out with u.Revealing your name is not in the scope of this apology.

I AM SORRY AUNTY: for downloading that Britney Spears wallpaper for which you freaked out at.Anyways I have seen pictures of a lot of horney looking guys on your daughter's pc, so the tables have turned.I am also sorry about ur fate now.Revealing your name is not in the scope of this apology.

I AM SORRY AKSHAY: for picking up a fight with you, I am not much into that stuff now...I more relaxed. But take my suggestion and drive safely, sanely nobody else will even try to sock you again anyday.

I AM SORRY NEHA AND ABHI: for being a " thorn " in your romance.

I AM SORRY SUPRITHA S: for not recognising you on orkut. I R Idiot!

I AM SORRY AUNTY: for not being as classy as you are.You are an english teacher isnt it? I am also sorry for the fact that the Canara Bank manager was laughing at the way you had written that so-called formal letter to him.Revealing your name is not in the scope of this apology.

If there is anybody else I left out and if you sincerely want an apology from me then please tell me, I will tender a public apology. :) ;)

For the idiots who tried to hack my profile....this is for you--->CLICK HERE

For the rest of the curious people who had to see that....I AM SORRY.

I AM SORRY SHAMBU: for hitting you on your neck.


I am sorry to the few people I have wished to die.

I am sorry to all my friends,classmates etc whom I have envied for scoring better than me. (School)

I am sorry to my cousin who I wished to be detained. (And it happened)


I AM SORRY PLUTO for all the delayed walks.


I AM SORRY UNCLEJI from the bus stand. I didn't help you fast enough when you fainted and fell hard to the ground, even though I was hardly 2 metres away. I had cold feet.


I AM SORRY TO someone cause I cancelled our date and went to play cricket instead. ( To the others reading this: I didn't stand her up )

I AM SORRY TO ADI for loosing all your data while trying to install Linux.


I AM SORRY TO all the people whose memories, presence and mention boiled my blood. I mean it's not your fault that you were all born @$$holes. God intended you that way. PEACE!


This post was last updated on: 11th August, 2009


This is the group- From left: Eshaan ("Lover boy"as he calls himself) ,Nikhil(Mindri as every1 calls him), Pradeep (Biliya) , Pramukh(SHENOY), Anup (Hagrid), Rohit (Rasika).
photograph by:ICEMAN
This at a limestone quarry while entering the blue lagoon.The one who is sitting is me.
Crest Gates open...Gushing waters, chilling winds and sprays of water.More of them below.

These pictures are not very clear, thats why they are there ;)
I am at the leftmost in all the pics below.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Naganna Maama

This is my dear Naganna Maama,

Ain't he handsome???

Thaatha( Granpa) , Maama , Anna Maama (the other uncle)

Ol' Memories

of course he is Handsome.

Unfortunately he is no more and badly missed, most missed by me. These pictures are years old. Its been a really long time since he is gone.I was quite a small kid when he passed on, but left quite an impact. Some ppl just master the art of being the real immortal even though they are long gone.

Miss you Maama, u r rite here in my heart and yet u r so far away? I still remember the way you loved me, caressed me, thought me how to be funny but the most important thing is how not take an escape hatch when the going gets tough. Of course the way u taught me that last lesson is not something I call suitable but its a lesson well learnt because I saw the trail of sorrow left behind by that very escape hatch.

First thing: Counter Strike Condition Zero

After breaking my head over the installation process I am finally ready to wear out my eye sockets.

Now for days of yap yap for mom n dad for not eatin, drinkin, sleepin properly.


14th JULY,2007

CO went better than expected.
but the more important thing for me is Hols are on, exams are off.


12th July,2007

I don't have internals average.Long story...will tell later.
I might get shoved over the defining edge in the exam...but the average is gonna hurt real bad.


10th July,2007

Didn't revise well enough so managed to just scrape through hopefully


7th July , 2007

Still smarting from the GT Incident I got the shock I needed and pulled my socks on and prep for ADA. I had always thought ADA was tough but finally managed to see it through.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Maths Exam- 3rd July 2007

I had studied man!!!!!
I did I did I did!!!!

I forgot the formulas and all that shit that keeps happenin to me during exams happened...huh!!
Cant believe it.

anywayz-a gotta gather for the rest.

DSC Lab also cool

It was smooth sailing during DSC Lab...all done in 45 minutes.
Back home in an hour.

Never knew how it feels to get smooth outputs in a I have got 2 in a row!!!


VIVA was good too.

Have I been possesive?Have I been rude to you??

If I have Jumped up if u ever touched any of my stuff...Laptop,Bike,Pen,Pencil,Rubber,Dog,Dog's tail whatever then it probably means I dont Like you!!!! Hell yeah!!
Hopefully u got the dont touch my stuff again.

If I have been RUDE to you ever then its probably because you have misunderstood me or....OR....YOU HAVE BEEN RUDE TO ME BEFORE YOU @#$%^&*&^% !!! Getlost.