Saturday, 21 July 2007

Animal Organisation

My friend Anusha who is an animal lover herself(as am I) told me about this guy who has started an animal welfare organisation called "Animal Welfare Association" (AWA).She wanted to know if I was interested in joining it. I wanna help in such stuff , but these days I am not feeling I decided that I must take along some friends who would be interested, so that with some company Ill be comfortable.However, many agreed and zero actually made it.

I was feeling so let down that day when we were supposed to meet before going to the guys house(I still dunno his name). She told me to just come n have a look, so I agreed.I was so not myself at that time that by I got onto someone else's vehicle absent mindedly instead of my own bike.I was feeling stupid now.GREAT!!!

Finally after a lot of cinfusion in the by-lanes of the Kalidasa road we arrived at the place.The guy seemed jovial.Though I still dont like the idea that he finds killing scorpians as "Okay".I like scorpians kinda.Helpless things.Even some of my uncles love killing them. Anyways, at the end of the day I found it quite interesting. Though I'm still unsure of whether Ill join or not...cause I'm not sure if I will be okay with out company :D.He had some pretty nice ideas similar to mine of opening an animal shelter...that really sparked me up.I dream about such a place all the time...I wanna make an animal shelter too.Let us see what happens.

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