Friday, 27 July 2007

I am heartbroken...I lost in the game of love

I am feeling very low today.I have been reminded of my love.The girl I loved so much! I loved for so many year,I did so many things for her...and still she did not accept me.
I found her picture in one of my old books today,I still love her I guess.It is a very heartbreaking story.I don't want to tell you about it.It makes me very emotional.I also beg you not to ask me about this to me in person.I cant control my feelings.But I can understand your concern, maybe some of you want to know about my past.Click here to read my sad tale of woe.Just don't cry after reading this or talk to me about it,that is all I have to ask of you.

Thank you for your time guys,I will not bother anyone about my heartbreak again.

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