Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Get your butt of that chair
Go get some fresh air.
You are going bonkers I know
cause Im a part of ya ,bro'.
Throw that laptop somewhere
where?where? I dont care.
Go kiss a mad old cow
do something don't ask me how.
your eyes are in a terrible haze
soon you'll be deaf with all that bass.
Yo eyes are sore I can see
go climb up and fall of a tree
Do something...anything,just get out of that room
or Ill figure a way to kick ya in the moon.
you sleep late and wake late...
u do that and blame ur fate?
Is that why I dont have a date?
one things are a loser mate!
You wanna buy a Harley and a chevy...
you gotta stay in your limits mate, savvy?
If there is anything you are good at, then send me a mail,
cause Im on the net always and on your sorry tail.
You are a bad man and bad you will be
cause the best thing you can be,is me!
Ice can write some really nasty stuff when he is wasted,
Its just the scent of fresh air in months I haven't tasted.

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