Monday, 16 July 2007

List of apologies:


They say apologising in public is the best way to say here is a list of apologies I have pending for ages:

I AM SORRY SHOAIB AHMED: for hitting you on the head in 9th standard, I still regret it...I am sorry and I mean it.

I AM SORRY HARSHITHA: for not attending your easter sunday after 10th standard exams even after u forced me so much.I acted like a jerk.

I AM SORRY KAVYASHREE: for asking you to "Keep your stinkin mouth shut" when u teased me 5 years back.Of course , things were a lot more misunderstood back then, which I hadnt realised for months until one of your friends told me, I never said anything more foul than that...but u obviously heard something else, If you friends was true.
Neverthless I shouldnt have said that and I am sorry.

I AM SORRY JAYASHREE AUNTY(THE LADY WHO LIVES IN MY COLONY): for hitting the ball so hard while playing cricket that it bounced off your chest then on your forehead and then on your head after which you fainted, soon after which your daughter(younger) fainted, then your elder daughter fainted and finally yur dog fainted , according to you ofcourse. BTW I know that the ball only hit your gate...but sorry for the inconvenience anyay.

I AM SORRY LITTLE KITTEN FROM THE NEIGHBOURS HOUSE: for squeezing you so hard while trying to save you, I was afraid you would bite me, I didnt know I was squeezing u so hard.

now for some of my stoning incidents...

I AM SORRY SWETHA( THE FATTER ONE) : for hitting you on the head with a stone(Pebble rather).

I AM SORRY TO DEVAMMA AND HER COCK: for hitting the cock with a stone.

I AM SORRY DOGGIES: all the doggies I have thrown a stone at.I am an animal lover really but sometimes I turn into a beast myself.

I AM SORRY X: for not goin out with u.Revealing your name is not in the scope of this apology.

I AM SORRY AUNTY: for downloading that Britney Spears wallpaper for which you freaked out at.Anyways I have seen pictures of a lot of horney looking guys on your daughter's pc, so the tables have turned.I am also sorry about ur fate now.Revealing your name is not in the scope of this apology.

I AM SORRY AKSHAY: for picking up a fight with you, I am not much into that stuff now...I more relaxed. But take my suggestion and drive safely, sanely nobody else will even try to sock you again anyday.

I AM SORRY NEHA AND ABHI: for being a " thorn " in your romance.

I AM SORRY SUPRITHA S: for not recognising you on orkut. I R Idiot!

I AM SORRY AUNTY: for not being as classy as you are.You are an english teacher isnt it? I am also sorry for the fact that the Canara Bank manager was laughing at the way you had written that so-called formal letter to him.Revealing your name is not in the scope of this apology.

If there is anybody else I left out and if you sincerely want an apology from me then please tell me, I will tender a public apology. :) ;)

For the idiots who tried to hack my profile....this is for you--->CLICK HERE

For the rest of the curious people who had to see that....I AM SORRY.

I AM SORRY SHAMBU: for hitting you on your neck.


I am sorry to the few people I have wished to die.

I am sorry to all my friends,classmates etc whom I have envied for scoring better than me. (School)

I am sorry to my cousin who I wished to be detained. (And it happened)


I AM SORRY PLUTO for all the delayed walks.


I AM SORRY UNCLEJI from the bus stand. I didn't help you fast enough when you fainted and fell hard to the ground, even though I was hardly 2 metres away. I had cold feet.


I AM SORRY TO someone cause I cancelled our date and went to play cricket instead. ( To the others reading this: I didn't stand her up )

I AM SORRY TO ADI for loosing all your data while trying to install Linux.


I AM SORRY TO all the people whose memories, presence and mention boiled my blood. I mean it's not your fault that you were all born @$$holes. God intended you that way. PEACE!


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  1. life is too short to remember wrongs done to pls forgive even before u r asked for forgiveness.....(Although its quite a lengthy list of apologies!!)

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  3. where did you get that pic of absolutely adoring puppy guilt from??

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  5. What i find tough is to discover a blog that may seize me for a minute however your blog is different. Bravo.

  6. i should do a similar one... if i have the guts to do it publicly?!?

    good that you've come out clean ;)

  7. Im sure a lot have built up since then.

    Yes you could something like this too, its actually fun!