Saturday, 14 July 2007

Naganna Maama

This is my dear Naganna Maama,

Ain't he handsome???

Thaatha( Granpa) , Maama , Anna Maama (the other uncle)

Ol' Memories

of course he is Handsome.

Unfortunately he is no more and badly missed, most missed by me. These pictures are years old. Its been a really long time since he is gone.I was quite a small kid when he passed on, but left quite an impact. Some ppl just master the art of being the real immortal even though they are long gone.

Miss you Maama, u r rite here in my heart and yet u r so far away? I still remember the way you loved me, caressed me, thought me how to be funny but the most important thing is how not take an escape hatch when the going gets tough. Of course the way u taught me that last lesson is not something I call suitable but its a lesson well learnt because I saw the trail of sorrow left behind by that very escape hatch.

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