Wednesday, 25 July 2007


I'm tired of being just an online friend,
a sequence of characters on your messenger window,
of being a spec of dust in your universe...
You know I'm talking about you!Yes you!
I'm tired of being your court jester,
me ain't a clown buggah...I wanna laugh too!
Tired of being "Sweet" when u don't really mean it.
Tired of being "The dream guy" when you don't want me yourself.
Tired of living in between telephone lines.
...of being a character in a shooting game.
...of being shaheed after killing non-existing terrorists.

Tired of all the people who are so hardcore behind their keyboard.
Tired of beginning the day at noon.
Tired of ending it when the birds start chirping,when Pluto stoppes barking.
Tired of the streetlight at the road past mine that spoils my sleep.
Tired of the headache caused by the lack of Harddisk space.
....and I say to myself
What a wonderful world!!!

You think I meant all that?Iceman has become very emotional???? ARE YOU SHITTIN ME???
I am just fuming over myself for being so addicted to the laptop nothing more nothing less.I LOVE MY JOB WHETHER I'M IN THE POOPERS OR THE PIG STY,and I love u all.

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