Saturday, 28 July 2007

VVS Laxman abused.

VVS Laxman was abused yesterday by British media.The media personnel walked out of a press conference when Laxman started speaking in Hindi.Some idiot even picked up the mic and walked away even as Laxman was speaking.If I was in Laxman's shoes I would have got off the dias and slapped the livin hell off that idiot.Twice.Once because u abused me, second time a message to everyone else in the room.I would do that cause I am not here to show any manners when it wont help.But whatever happened to the so-called gentlemen of Britain??You ppl like to call yourselves Gentlemen na? Gentlemen my ASS.You will never be half a gentleman as VVS Laxman is,ever.You are lucky u abused him and not me or anyone else like me.
What the bloody hell is the problem with speaking hindi in England??? Will your players speak Hindi in Delhi, Marathi at the Wankede and Kannada at the Chinnaswamy???? What reason will u give not to?You didnt study these languages? Thats not my problem is it? Who made english the official language? I love english no doubt, I admit...but an insult to an Indian is an insult to me.Click here to see your reward for being so "Gentlemanly".

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