Wednesday, 22 August 2007

A series of unfortunate events...

Towards the end of my holidays a series of mishaps occurred around me affecting me directly.As if carefully planned, painstalkingly, to make sure I get into a bad spirit or something.What worries me is my inability to share this in detail with my friends.If I do , I might be guilty of ruining friends' image!It has come to that.The best way I can get it of my chest is to say it like this..."it", "that" "those" things ...on my blog, where else?
I am still quite shaken at the ground reality of what is going on around me.Its hard to believe that I just cant believe anything.
And I sit in my class which resembles a fish market...thinking that I am finally up and running in time for the sem only until I drift back into those thoughts again.SICK!

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