Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Animal welfare ASSociation: STOP TALKING!!!

After waiting at a shopping mall,seeking shelter from the drizzle for 15 minutes I decided to bail out my friend whom I thought was waiting for me at another place- B.M.H Hospital.We were supposed to meet and leave to the A.W.A. As I set out with Deepak , in the nick of time the group who were supposed to meet me there arrived and we carried on.It turned out my friends were not really waiting for me at B.M.H. I was relieved cause one of them was suffering from high fever and I didn't want to be the one who kept her waiting in the rain.
Finally we arrived at the man- Subramanya's house.The first time we met he had gone on & on for 1 hour and 45 minutes. He had promised he wouldn't speak at our next meeting.It was on that promise that I had decided to go there again. We were once more greeted by loud, silly,helpless sounding barks of leashed doggies from here there everywhere! Then we sat down to what I had thought and hoped would be a quick thing.It turned out to be a slow,painful,bloody death.
The man has no control over himself.I thought I was the limit at speaking.NO! He is...He went on and on and on and onnnnnn..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.When I woke up after a good nap he was almost through talking with the first person.Sweet!He knows how to go from "Sick and injured animals" to "Mohd. Haneef is a hero today...see?" and then say "coming back to your point" after like 18 minutes!!!
I wanted to speak about a particular topic, but realised there were like a big bunch of angry students who would have definitely killed me if I had brought it up. I would have also been killed if Shilpa and Anagha would have decided to come along today- they are the ones who were supposed to be waiting for me at B.M.H. Thank god they didn't.
I was patient,but surprisingly my bro' Deepak wasn't. He let his feelings be clear when asked for something he had brought up earlier he just spat "NO! I brought it up and finished...I FINISHED". Subbu never took the cue.
Anyhow the man seems very jovial and his zeal for the topics are understandable...maybe I would be like that if I was 50+,ran an org and had a young lot showing interest.
After a hour and half of what seemed like an eternity, we were out and Deepak couldnt believe he was free.He had really gone wacko within those few minutes.He was saying things like "We are free? are we really free? wow smell that fresh air of freedom...I had almost forgotten how it smells like. First I will go meet my mom and dad, take their blessings. Hey help me buy some gifts for my family, I cant go empty-handed.......etc,." I knew he had lost it.Poor guy.
I really don't blame anyone here, everything was still fine for me, just the funny parts brought to light under a magnifying glass. If I honestly have to sum it up, everything went cool.

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