Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Harry Potter : Where is the twist?

From the 5th book, I have never had the pleasure of having the element of surprise that Rowling provided in her books.
I always had to find out how someone died or how someone was a real betrayer way b4 I even put a finger on it,just because the person had to accidently let it slip.oops!Screw U! Why cant ya jus let me be u numbskulls.
Even the so called respectful News channels had to spoil it for me.But the funniest thing is when a local Kannada news channel called TV9 reported a wrong ending in the 7th, which they probably read from one of those pirated or fake books that were "leaked" and sol before the release date.They even dedicated an hour's discussion as to "Whether, Rowling was right in doing so?".I wonder if they ever found out the real ending.LOL!Idiots.

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