Friday, 17 August 2007

On top of the Betta on I-Day

14th Aug,07 night 10PM I get a call from Rohit..." Yeah! we are leaving morrow at 5:45AM...your butt better be awake" and so it was.
During the hols 6 AM was as good as midnight for me and waking up at 5 AM for something that was never my idea was sounding like I was preparing for war.But I did wake up exactly at 5:30 AM, lol. I had 15 mins to gather myself and get ready to climb the betta on foot.
We were at the steps exactly at 6 as was planned.About 4 other guys were supposed to meet us there.I had my own doubts about climbing the hill.I never thought I could climb so many steps.We waited till 6:20 and started our ascent.

I did better than I was not that tiring at all.The surroundings were so serene with all kinds of people along the way, exercisers,joggers, yogis, urchins....We talked all the way and reached the top at 7. we went around the temple on the top, it was still a while away from being opened for public.After what we decided was enough we started 7:05 we met the rest of the gang on their way up.Sheesh!They said it was Mindri who held them up.Whatever!

We told them we would be waiting by the side at one of those popular spots for veiwing with all the boulders around.They came back at around 7:20 and joined us there. Some of us were seeing each other after a really long while after the hols.This way the best way to catch up, on stuff like why I lost my moustache ;) ?

We talked and joked till 9 and couldn't realise how the time went past! we still had to descent the entire way down and thus our simple yet memorable time at the betta came to an end after we departed at the foothills.

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