Friday, 17 August 2007

Rebuilding relations

I am now on a spree of rebuilding long broken friendships and relations sparked off by one of my old friends, now it has stuck on to me. It doesn't matter who was right or who was wrong or how it all started.What matters is you know you don't need to be like this forever and if you can realise that then you will also realise that you have to accept your mistakes and give up your ego...because it doesn't matter.What matters is that you are friends again. :)

I am doin' well in this new campaign and I am almost through with all, the reason I say almost is because there may be some people I cant yet recall that I have had a problem with.

I have had a good momentum and hell yeah it feels good.YEAH BABY!!! But the lines like " I cant believe you are saying sorry " or " I don't think we had any problems anytime, we were the best of friends all the while :) " somehow suck. What happens after all that is the fun part. Relief. Smiles.Handshakes.Warm Hugs.

I suggest that you also do me this is better than " why the hell do I need him/her? "

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