Saturday, 1 September 2007

For your heart only...

Your eyes are like an ocean,like a gem,
can never get to see enough of them
Why god brought us together?I now know,
Don't you know?the world runs on love...

yes,the world runs on love,my love

So will ours,if u just see...
the point thats so clear to me.
Your heart is like a warm hut,full of care,
how I wish to be a resident there!!

yes,the world runs on love,my love

you gotta say yes,someday to someone,
some day, you will find the one

Say yes now!Say it to me...
Cause I AM The one, you will see.

yes,the world runs on love,my love

There ain't no trenches deep or wide,
enough where my love for you can hide.
In me now,you must confide
and stand by my heart's side.

yes,the world runs on love,my love

Talking to you is the best part of my day
Like,idle on the grass at noon in may,
I wait n wait,watching your window,
Then your two letter word- "hi"' gives the 'Go!!'

The wait is long but worth the pain,
but once we start here we go again,
3 hours time flies, under our nose,
Time to say bye? there my smile goes... :(

Oh my rose!How I wanna propose
In ways other than these prose
In ways other than these prose...


  1. gorgeous. simply superb.
    both poems wer too good.
    do rite more pls :)

  2. hey good one... this poem s really cute and warm... yes, the world runs on love, my friend.. :) good similes...

  3. wooooow!!! nd thats all i can say :)