Monday, 3 September 2007

I am in bring it on!

Everytime I finished writing my exams I would tell my friends that if the results were bad I would give up studies and join cricket, because those days I used to be good, especially at bowling.
A state-level player who played with us -Prashanth, always encouraged me to go for one of the selections...he seemed confident for me.Being a die hard fan of the game it used to make me feel really good inside to hear such things.
Earlier this year, I performed hopelessly in the exams in 3rd sem.But at that I couldnt say the same thing, because I had broken my toe and I had never realised how a small thing such as a toe could bring a man down like that.I just couldnt walk properly.I refused to believe it was broken initially, I even kept playing to convince myself that I was fine.I was only fooling was broken and it was broken real good. I was dragged to the hospital to get it seen by a doc.The bone, X-ray reports revealed, had completely snapped. =))
I never bowled with much fire after that.Not till today morning.Yeah baby!!!Today morning was like...BACK IN BUSINESS! Its so important to me because I am the fan here.I love the game.I will never play for a state/national team, but its till the same game I am playing.Its important to me cause I love it, cause it makes me feel good inside.I had the batsman at my mercy and I could feel it.Oh Yeah!Keep on rolling baby!

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