Saturday, 15 September 2007

Please do this

This is a good cause, so please help! Take 30 seconds to
click on the link below and then somewhere in the world,
you'll save up to 15 square feet of rain forest, prairie,
or marine wetlands --- you choose. The site's sponsors pay
for your donation, so it's free for you! Forward this email
to all your friends so they can help too!

Just click:

All donations go to The Nature Conservancy's Land Conservation programs.

Clicking on this link saves our Marine ecosystem:
Clicking on this link saves big cats from extiction:
Clicking on this link helps a child in need:
Clicking on this link saves our primates:
Clicking on this link helps prevent violence against women:

please do this guys, it wont take more than 5 minutes of your life each day.I assure you, you will feel good inside after you have done wont have to spend a single paisa, since the site sponsors pay for each click, because it makes sure u see their Ad,great ain't it??You are donating without having to move a meter!

with regards,
Ice :)

[Watchout for another post similar to this but much more case you are kind enough to forward these words as a mail]

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