Sunday, 2 September 2007

Puppy power

Yesterday,unfortunately, the M.C.C [Mysore City Corporation] killed yet another dog which had a litter of 5 puppies which were only 20 days old. I got a call from a friend at around 9 about this news.We had find the puppies a home until Friday after which someone was ready to take them all in.God bless them.:). I in a hurry didn't note down the door no of the place I was supposed to be searching for and immediately went in search of it. I searched from 9 to around 10:30 for house #1707 somewhere near Adichunchungiri Matt. After all that searching , all I got was an empty site. There was no house at 1707.
I think I confused #1070 with #1707.So first thing today morning I went in search of #1070...It started raining.I searched for about half an hour, guess what I found?...a bad cold!
Another 10 minutes later I found a #1070.It was a huge house 2 nos away from the Jyothi Departmental stores ( formerly the famous Kamala Departmental stores ).It had a huge "Beware of dog" Sign on its gate.The place didnt look like the aftermath of an MCC 'pooh raid' ;) cause there were 7 street dogs - well fed, healthy looking sleeping casually just a few feet away.I however just gave a knock on the gates,Nobody answered for a while. I have no ID or any such sort of thing to produce and prove that I am from the A.W.A. To top it all the odds of this being the place was very low cause I was told it was 2 doors away from Adichunchungiri matt and here I was 2 Kilometers away from the place.I just decide not to knock again.
I should call up my friend again, but I dont remember which diary I wrote her number in,I was kinda in a hurry yesterday :O
I was gifted about 7 diaries this year, I maintain only one of them while I note down stuff in the others.So I first gotta search for her number and then figure out the rest.Achchooo!!
Until then...achchoo!...I mean achchoo!...excuse me!...achchoo!

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