Sunday, 2 September 2007

The balancing act

For those who ask me if it is really possible to manage with the HOME 250 Plan of BSNL broadband here are a few pictures.I have been given the nickname "Always online..." you might be aware of that!So that pretty much explains how much time I spend on the net. I usually get questions like "Is 1 gb space limit enough??" ..."is it it this...". I suggest you take a closer look at these pictures. This the homepage where you check your net balance.

Aug 30th: 10:10 pm
about 2 days to go and 10 MBs left.

Aug 31st: 10 to 10 PM
2 hours and 2 MBs left:
Now people are really wishing that I will logout and leave them alone.LOL. :))

A new dawn...
Sep 1st:
I check Augusts record....

(When you are paying for an entire GB why not make the max use of it?
Especially when each MB costs almost a rupee ;)
India didn't get so far with lavish ways!)

I hope this blog clears all those doubts.

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