Saturday, 8 September 2007

The cracker match

Recently when India won that match against England,My cricket crazy family went bonkers.My dad was the most crazy one shouting "Namma Naada kodava, nanna putra, Kodava Putra....."
running out on to the streets, claiming Utthappa is his son.After he came he even "disowned" me.
"A guy who has such a bad showing in his exams aint ma son!!Utthappa is my son".LOL.He looked like he was on an overdose of adro!

20 Minutes hence he found out that the man-o-the-match award went to Sachin and uh-oh!Here comes the pain.His temper rose like the eiffel. He first jumped around a bit then straightaway went and kicked the sleepin pooch! lol. The poor thing was dumbstruck!

Pluto seemed happy to be woken up, but I decided to go and close the door before dad tried to make him more happy!

Dad soon went to sleep still shouting curses at the authorities,Sachin,me ,this and that!!!

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