Wednesday, 31 October 2007

At the temple...

Thats the temple I am talking about...its still under construction!
The water was inviting dark and deep,
but,so many points to prove,
promises to keep,
loved ones to live for...
before I sleep,before I sleep!

We made a new friend...she knows which month comes after April and which one comes before June...she is quite brainy!
We were in for a shock when we saw this! :D

sup do' ? we jus chillin out...ya heard?

Where else...?

Yet again...these are pictures that I would jus wanna share nothing too special!No points for guessing where they were shot!

GO GREEN...The new mantra for a safer future...and I am right in the middle of it.


Anyway,I got the HOOD!
Whereas when it comes to Sharath and Jayanth we always knew there was something going on...all the best to them!Have you tried San Fransisco buddies?

On top of the hill...on a buddy's Bday

Whats the time?

Morons!If they thought they could just ask me to take this snap and think it wouldn't end on my blog then they are world fools.If they knew that I would do this and still asked me...then they are world morons,I will never let go of some 'Justguru' material...LOL!No...they weren't really peeing...jus a sick bunch.
Anyway, we were there for this blokes Bday...Avin! Hey Avin...wazat on ya head?
This was taken the same night...notice a change in colour?My visits to the betta have become scarce of late...and I miss it a lot.

awright awright....

Well,well,well...the exile didn't go as well as I had planned.First of all, the reason I did stay away was because I had no net connection for a few days...LOL.
After I got my connection back, I had no time to come online as my tests were going on.I was too busy figuring out ,next to whom I would sit in the tests and as to how I would copy from him!
I still don't enjoy the net that much, but I guess I shouldn't totally stop blogging.I read an article called 'Death of a blogger' which reminded me of myself and I don't wanna one of the kind explained in that article either!
So, the story goes on...

Thursday, 11 October 2007

need to stop

I have decided to stop coming online from now on.Internet is not helping my life in anyway.It's spoiling me.It has totally messed me up.
I am gonna try and stop coming online from now.Dont be surprised if you dont see too many posts here.
I have been expecting too much out of it.I just cant come to terms with the fact that whatever is on the net is so virtual.Virtual people.Virtual words.No voice.Virtual everything.

Desi Bean

Is this India's answer to Rowan Atkinson??

Desi Bean -Hip Hop Dean - Mean mean machine


Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Tired o nerds

Nerds Nerds and more Nerds!!!I'm sick and tired of nerds!!

I was among the nerd lot when I was in school.But then every1 else were too.I was the one who would shout at other guys to shut up when a lecture was goin on.Besides, everybody were just as serious back then.

Things have changed.Nerds are getting on my nerve.I don't blame them for being so attentive or for being so regular to class and all that crap.I don't even blame them for refusing to co-operating
with our mass bunk.But once the nerds went into the staff room to get a teacher to change her mind about letting off our class for the afternoon and to get her to come back to class and give a lecture, it was proven that one among this nerd lot had gone where no nerd has gone before!

Cheer up classmates...the nerds of the century are right here amidst us.How lucky are we?

I am no god to say "Oh she has her problems"..."oh we must understand her sad ass for doing that" and all that bullshit crap!!!Problems my #$%& !! No problem in the world can get someone to cancel a let-off and everybody has problems,if you haven't noticed!

Now I am really thinking of formulating that 'people-to-kill' list.I HATE NERDS!!!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

No more cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 continous days of hard hard cricket ,4 hours, under the midday sun without an ounce of H2O to drench my throat has left me with injuries all over.I am the only guy who has played with all the groups who played for the last 5 days.

Everything that can ache seems to be aching and everything that can break seems to be on the verge of breaking.And NOOOO, I didnt win a single game outta these.Infact yesterday I wasnt even playing well.The other 4 days was a different story.

Now the unthinkable.....*drum rolls plz*.....I am gonna give crick a rest :O :O :O !!!

It ain't the losing thats got moi down.Losing always triggered me.I jus think its getting a lil too much.Its always cricket this and cricket that these days.I eat,sleep and drink cricket...other than playing it ofcourse and its hightime I gave it a rest.

Morrow the guys are playing a game early in the morning.The temptation has got me -ofcourse.But I am gonna resist the urge.I gave it a big NO already!They probably think I am tired if losing...but if that was the case they wouldnt have found out about my infamous losing streak anyway...cause I was the one who yap-yapped it all day yesterday.Wish me luck...I wanna stop.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

problem saying NO!

I must get over this problem.I jus cant do it.I jus say yes to something I hate doing, or I jus cant do.I end up the loser, a laughing stock also at times.In other cases, I end up disappointing someone.I'm more worried about the latter.
This more of a bad habit than a problem.It's so hard to get over.

More about me...

First of all I must warn you, I have got two of me in one body.If you cant believe me there , then you need not read the rest of this.

The Good twin:
One of me is calm and composed,mature,good hearted[yeah good hearted],focussed and a fighter.

Thats is the smallest side of me and its supposed to be dormant.But I really believe that my second side has killed it.

The Bad twin:
The next side,is a very bad side.Evil intentions.Vengeful.Tactical.Careless.Evil.Will hold a grudge till I take u out.Evil.At any cost make my enemy suffer.Did I mention EVIL???

few things in common to both my sides is my humour and honesty.If I have a good word or a bad about you, Ill say it in your face.So you will always hate me...whichever side of me you are seeing, U WILL hate me...cause Ill say it in your face.Yet friendly.Can be emotionally attached to somethings...but I have learnt to rip myself off them when needed.Live well protected in a world of insanity...where I wont even realise why/whats/who/whens of the killer reality!!
Im always laughing at a joke[as I said-Insane], even if the joke aint that funny...people hate me for that.I don't care.Ill always laugh and smile.Whether u like it or not.Its better than crying and whining.

[U want only my good and none of my bad? you are a selfish person-get lost]

Well there you have it...My two souls and my face all put together form...any guesses?....duh! -Good,Bad and Ugly! A classic...if u loved that, then u definitely will love me.

Thursday, 4 October 2007


S.S stands for system software, one of the subjects I study in my course.We had a test last week.
I scored 16 out of 25. All this was possible because of the sheer determination,will power,enthusiasm, concentration,extreme focus,HARD WORK,unmatched talent and perspiration that Jayanth put in to study the subject before sitting right next to me in the test.I think I am in tears...somebody hold me.

Link not working

This is just to warn ya guys that the links to download projects that I had posted earlier are not working.

It was brought my notice now.So for those of ya,who have been following these aint working :(