Sunday, 7 October 2007

More about me...

First of all I must warn you, I have got two of me in one body.If you cant believe me there , then you need not read the rest of this.

The Good twin:
One of me is calm and composed,mature,good hearted[yeah good hearted],focussed and a fighter.

Thats is the smallest side of me and its supposed to be dormant.But I really believe that my second side has killed it.

The Bad twin:
The next side,is a very bad side.Evil intentions.Vengeful.Tactical.Careless.Evil.Will hold a grudge till I take u out.Evil.At any cost make my enemy suffer.Did I mention EVIL???

few things in common to both my sides is my humour and honesty.If I have a good word or a bad about you, Ill say it in your face.So you will always hate me...whichever side of me you are seeing, U WILL hate me...cause Ill say it in your face.Yet friendly.Can be emotionally attached to somethings...but I have learnt to rip myself off them when needed.Live well protected in a world of insanity...where I wont even realise why/whats/who/whens of the killer reality!!
Im always laughing at a joke[as I said-Insane], even if the joke aint that funny...people hate me for that.I don't care.Ill always laugh and smile.Whether u like it or not.Its better than crying and whining.

[U want only my good and none of my bad? you are a selfish person-get lost]

Well there you have it...My two souls and my face all put together form...any guesses?....duh! -Good,Bad and Ugly! A classic...if u loved that, then u definitely will love me.

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