Thursday, 11 October 2007

need to stop

I have decided to stop coming online from now on.Internet is not helping my life in anyway.It's spoiling me.It has totally messed me up.
I am gonna try and stop coming online from now.Dont be surprised if you dont see too many posts here.
I have been expecting too much out of it.I just cant come to terms with the fact that whatever is on the net is so virtual.Virtual people.Virtual words.No voice.Virtual everything.


  1. Aww, you shouldn't feel that way. I understand that the internet gets tiring after a while, because you seem to get nowhere, it's an endless loop and even when you meet nice people you're miles away and have no way of knowing what they're really like. But I have found some genuine people on the internet, I have made friends and even met my current boyfriend of 3 years online. There are plenty of cool "real" people out there.

    But I've had to take a break from the internet before too - sometimes there is just a lot of drama and pointless arguing. The real world awaits! lol

    I hope you come back around when you're ready :)