Tuesday, 9 October 2007

No more cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 continous days of hard hard cricket ,4 hours, under the midday sun without an ounce of H2O to drench my throat has left me with injuries all over.I am the only guy who has played with all the groups who played for the last 5 days.

Everything that can ache seems to be aching and everything that can break seems to be on the verge of breaking.And NOOOO, I didnt win a single game outta these.Infact yesterday I wasnt even playing well.The other 4 days was a different story.

Now the unthinkable.....*drum rolls plz*.....I am gonna give crick a rest :O :O :O !!!

It ain't the losing thats got moi down.Losing always triggered me.I jus think its getting a lil too much.Its always cricket this and cricket that these days.I eat,sleep and drink cricket...other than playing it ofcourse and its hightime I gave it a rest.

Morrow the guys are playing a game early in the morning.The temptation has got me -ofcourse.But I am gonna resist the urge.I gave it a big NO already!They probably think I am tired if losing...but if that was the case they wouldnt have found out about my infamous losing streak anyway...cause I was the one who yap-yapped it all day yesterday.Wish me luck...I wanna stop.

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