Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Tired o nerds

Nerds Nerds and more Nerds!!!I'm sick and tired of nerds!!

I was among the nerd lot when I was in school.But then every1 else were too.I was the one who would shout at other guys to shut up when a lecture was goin on.Besides, everybody were just as serious back then.

Things have changed.Nerds are getting on my nerve.I don't blame them for being so attentive or for being so regular to class and all that crap.I don't even blame them for refusing to co-operating
with our mass bunk.But once the nerds went into the staff room to get a teacher to change her mind about letting off our class for the afternoon and to get her to come back to class and give a lecture, it was proven that one among this nerd lot had gone where no nerd has gone before!

Cheer up classmates...the nerds of the century are right here amidst us.How lucky are we?

I am no god to say "Oh she has her problems"..."oh we must understand her sad ass for doing that" and all that bullshit crap!!!Problems my #$%& !! No problem in the world can get someone to cancel a let-off and everybody has problems,if you haven't noticed!

Now I am really thinking of formulating that 'people-to-kill' list.I HATE NERDS!!!!

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