Thursday, 15 November 2007


We are supposed to play this game tomorrow, the same one I told you about earlier( CLICK HERE TO READ THAT ENTRY). Our team goes in in with virtually no practice...and don't even ask about the girls.I dont have any doubt that we are a bad team...our chances of winning are very bad, but I don't want to go in without thinking of victory.I have been in a sort of loosing streak now, all the teams I have played for the last 9 games have lost, maybe it has something to do with me?...I wouldn't blame me cause I wouldn't say that about anybody else either.
This kind of a tournament is made to just have fun with all your friends, both the guys and the chicks and I plan to do just that, have fun.Some of my best friends are in the side and I wanna see all of them smile.
Only thing,barely hours before I go into the game is the lack of anger in me...hehe.Whenever I have played well, I have played well because I had been angry at something or someone...but today , just now, all of sudden, I don't seem to be angry at all.I am at peace.Very calm.Its a great thing for me, I haven't felt like this for a really long time.But I don't think it can be good for the game tomorrow ;)
Anyway, there are other hitters in the side and I will bowl well anyway, that I am confident of.

All I ask for that we have fun, whether we win or lose.I WANT TO WIN...but if I can't have that, I'll settle for an hour of fun :)

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