Thursday, 1 November 2007

Flame on!!

The picture you see here is of my famous helmet.My ride used to be incomplete without these flames.Well it looks totally amazing in this pic...I know.But I always didn't like the helmet as much as my behaviour towards the thing would have suggested.
To cut a long story short, I was promised I would be getting a helmet with cool flames on it, when the 'Helmet rule' was imposed in my city.I was dreaming about a sexy dual tone graphics with uneven flames , reddish orange finish and orange yellow core...and everything you can dream of in a cool flames graphics.What I got was definitely not what I wanted.But I had got it.I had trusted the wrong person to get 'cool' things done.So I just carried it around, as if I loved it more than my life! Many people found it 'cool' too.Nobody dared to sarcastically compliment me about I guess only my idea about a flames graphics was different.
Later I couldn't jus take it along with me...I had to do SOMETHING!!!I simply switched helmets with my dad....LOL!
Now my head feels much much lighter...I still hafta answer questions like..."Ahh that was so cool man...why don't u bring it anymore? "...."Wtever man, I loved it"...and stuff like that.But I finally got what I want!
Flame on ;)

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