Saturday, 3 November 2007

How do I get dragged into all this?

There is this new cricket "tournament" organised in our college just for the sake of fun where you can play along with your friends - boys and girls.5 girls and 6 boys per team to be exact.
Its just for fun, where enough rules have been made to make sure that the boys dont dominate the gals.Seems nice, but I had decided to cool it a bit on cricket.But Sharath's repeated 'Shut up! and play's left me with no choice.we had a team up and ready within 5 minutes comprising of all my friends, some of whom I had to literally beg to get into the team,cause this is a strange new concept of getting girls and boys to play together.The story doesn't end there.For the record- I am not the captain.But unfortunately, some guys who couldn't "make it" into the "playing 6" were really upset and cross with me.Now, I have not a clue of why they were "dropped" or not "allowed to play" or "wtf".Behind the scenes all kinds of filmy drama, supposedly went on with "I am sorry maga, but this is our team, you are interfering in our matters" kinda dialogues.I'm just going around wondering about all cold glances being thrown at me...where as in the meanwhile they have been reckoning that I was not interested in those guys.I can't believe they turned something so small and insignificant, into this.Besides I am in the middle of it?How do I get dragged into all this? and why the living hell is it all my fault damn-it!
Hail the mighty villain of all tales - me!

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