Monday, 5 November 2007

Thalaratti falls

The guys from NIE-CSE 2005-2009 now get off the bus as we pick up the story from where we left off from our lead's point of view because around here, that's the only point of view that we are entitled to.They remove their footwear at the entrance and descend down the stone stairs to come across a view of the falls.Its falls where the huge rocks on which the water falls over, are carved into a small temple.To get into the temple, one must wade across the water which only about 6 inches high.Our lead folds up his jeans and begins to wade across.His friends enquire "How come you are coming into the temple? I never knew you were religious " to which he replies "Who said I am not religious? I don't believe in idol worship...thats it, besides this is a temple of the Lord Shiva, I gotta make an exception don't I? :) ". Some other people are already there...bathing in the falls while making a poor attempt at keeping there undies on against the strong currents.Barely a place for women to be, as the signs read "Bathing for women only" lol.
As Kavya [yes ,the baby] calls out to accompany her across the waters once again, he can barely refuse.They climb up the stairs and into the temple and say their prayers.He jumps onto one of the rocks near the falls and feels the waters with his feet.The current is too much.Too strong.
He gets down and they walk back and decide to climb up some stairs which lead above the falls.If you ask him...the walk up the falls was the only thing that seemed worthwhile.At the top they reached another segment of the same falls, a place to bathe. As everybody got ready to get wet our hero decides to watch from the sidelines.He finds the water dirty.They play the 'Who is gonna hold his breath the longest?' game as our bloke with his jeans still folded back wades in carefully without getting wet to get a better look at the falls.After all, thats the least he should do after coming all the way.Soon he gets all the girls screaming at the top of their voice.He seems he is gonna throw some really butt-ugly toads on the group.Little do they know, he hates the toads just as much as they do.A guy tries to go underneath as he tries to avoid his possible encounter with those toads.But our hero ain't gonna touch any of them toads nor can the other dude really go underwater....cause the water is barely a foot high.HEHE.
They play in the water...get all wet and wild until its quite dark and time to head back.Our man walks back to his shoes, puts 'em on and finds out that there is no coffee available at the shops.He decided to buy something called 'Amul Masti Machala chaach' or something like that, thinking its lik one of those pista flavoured milk drinks that Nandini milk sells.To his horrow its something so yuck that he almost drops the carton.He evil twin comes to life...he gives a devilish smile deep within his soul and turns to one of his friends and says "Hey dude...this is want some of this? ". Arjun takes a sip and coughs the bloody hell out.He realises the jig and passes it onto Ashray in a similar fashion, then Pramukh is also offered the same by Ashray.In the meanwhile all the 'victims' share a quick smile, well hidden from the bakra-to-be s
as the carton passes from Tom,Dick and Harry and finally onto a guy who seems to be really enjoying the drink.They all finally break down at his stupidity...and the guy still doesn't get it.
He hands the carton back to our guy...but once someone else had a sip from that carton, there was no way it was going back onto his lips...he just stood there wondering what to do with it as the last bakra said "Ya gonna finish that? " *Devilish smile*..."Be my guest!"...and the group breaks down into laughter yet again.[Either the drink was really that bad or it was way past its expiry date and no, I don't know what made the last bakra ask for it twice].

They get back onto the bus, its really dark now.Next stop - Mysore, or so they hoped.Our hero was kicked,slapped,shoved and beaten around on the way as he tried to get some sleep, just because they wanted to have fun or because the person was a total jerk.His MP3 set off to embark on its own journey as the bunch started playing 'Antakshari' yet again.First our sleeping hero was accused about being a hindrance to all the fun.He was asked to get up and move to another seat in the front.Barely a few moments had passed he once again accused of being a spoilsport.Though this time things were not made clear to him, I guess he bright enough to notice the changes in the light intensities in the floor of the bus were caused by frantic gestures at himself and slap on the forehead said more than meant to.He swiftly looked up as the guy sitting next to him shouted "What?" to the person above, only to see a really geeky,cowardish smile.He was all set and ready to blast the living daylights out of anybody and everybody who would dare to accuse him again, after all he had did what he was told to do once, he ain't anybody's puppet."You want me to go anywhere else? " he asks as he receives an unconvincing reply "hehe...I mean it will be more comfortable for you...but I guess all the other seats are can stay". Some people can be such spoilsports sometimes, even on trips meant to be fun.But I guess, everybody screws up once in a while!
Next stop was NOT Mysore as they saw.The bus stopped yet again at Arsikere for dinner.Two Chapathis and 'gojju'. Finally something tasty.Harish seemed to be doing a lot of work today.Kudos to him.He did a great job.Bless him.
Our hero calls home, its 9:30PM , he asks his folks to go to bed without waiting for him.Mum answers in affirmative and a another quick word and the conversation is over.Love you mom.Love you dad.

The bus heads off once again.Our man finally catches some sleep between 10 PM and 11 PM until he is rudely awaken after being sprayed all over with water[ or thats what he thought it was]
followed by "MYSORE!!! ".He sat up and looked around, looked at the was hardly Mysore.The inside of the bus was very dark.He couldn't figure out who did this to him.Suddenly a bottle flies right past his face.Everybody else is sleeping.His eyelids are too heavy too.But cursing he tries to get back to his nap.There was a stack of booze lying somewhere in a bag.It must have gone down someone's throat he thinks as he tries to forgive the miscreant.
He just can't go to sleep again.Instead he decides to just hold up Bhatta's head which kept falling over as he dosed off only to awaken him.So I hope he cud catch some rest when he did that. The guy was cool today.He can crack ya up when its time to let loose, still he ends up as the topper of the class, now thats a character hard to find.

00 00 hours, NOV 5th.
Ashrith's Bday.His cake was cut with a paper plate folded in half and it was time for me to take my revenge on Kavya by applying the cream on her face.Tit for Tat.

1:30AM MYSORE HAS ARRIVED.Only moments pass before the bus is at the college again and our man thinks "The campus looks so beautiful at night!!! ".Everybody bid their byes and the engine is kindled again.Once more 90 seconds and the house gate is in front of you.Pluto is damn happy to see his master.

Once he is in, he just dives into his bed, which is as he left it 22 hours before...unkempt!
He is asleep in no time.Sleep buddy sleep.Sleep like you have never slept before.

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