Friday, 16 November 2007

The match

As expected, I got off my bed at 6 AM without a minute of sleep behind me.If ever, I catch some sleep after 6 AM till around 8 each that was ruled out.Me and my bloodshot eyes reached the ground to find other mist breathing teammates already on the ground.
5th mech are supposed to be a bad bunch at cricket...but this team had 3 good cricketers in their team[Abhinav,Ayyapa,Sudhir].We had discussed the batting order for about 2 days...and it was agreed that I will open.I tend to get nervous while batting, no matter how insignificant the match is,so I need to know solidly when and where I am gonna come at.Only think I don't get nervous at is my fielding and bowling.
We won the toss and choose to field.Abhinav bashed everyone outta the park and was retired in a jiffy.Then this show-off dude came in and luckily for us, he slowed their run rate down.When I came on to bowl, I almost got him a couple of times.But it felt so empty after coming all the way from home to bowl 4 fiery deliveries [ thankfully all
fast and accurate] and 2 throws at our own classmate.I was also involved in 3 run I was feeling good about myself.Later another guy, whose name I don't know came in and bashed us take them to a whooping 108.
I was asked if I could NOT open.I had to agree.Before I could start thinking about how n when n all that of the game ahead, Pavan got out and I had to go in.
Their 'strategy' was - if the bowler is too good, then give the strike to the girl cause then he will HAVE to throw.This brainy strategy was deviced barely minuted before the game started on the advise of the senior and I followed it.I was not too surprised when I was asked whether I could come off and leave it to the pros.Sooner than I could say "SIX" I had to go back in to bat.This time I decided to just do whatever I felt like doing...
1)because I had had enough of 'strategy' which only I had to follow and still get blamed for it
2)because it was the last over of the match :P
We managed to hit 4 boundaries all of which were of them against my name.Jayanth had scored 16 and myself 10...the only 2 to into double digits...bad performance? HELL YES!
While 3 of their guys did all the damage...I heard the rest were doing what they do best- Abuse.
I don't know much of it...cause it didn't happen around me and I rather not read much into it, mainly because
I had great fun even though we lost.I have never smiled so much after losing.My glass is half full and thus let me say, the girls played just as good as the boys!
Ofcourse, I was sad I lost...
On the way back, I finally expressed my regret to my friend about not opening and she said "You should have"...maybe she was just being supportive, I batted badly...but not opening is now turning out to be more of an excuse to me than reason.So I decided not to speak more about it after that.After all,
I had had a great time.HONEST.I have always been blamed for being (or trying to be) too competitive and taking games (Not just cricket) too seriously.I never understood what that meant.I mean, winning is everything, isn't it? Now I know what they meant...and I had to lose to find out.

I am at peace, I must remind you.I started playing cricket with such passion only to channel my anger in the first place.But sometimes, some people have a cooling/calming effect on you and work wonders.From yesterday, I haven't needed a channel for my anger at all.I'm at peace.Finally.

Lastly I would like to add that ,
I lost my manners today morning.I forgot to thank all of them for coming and putting up a show.(I guess, it has something to do with this peace thingy? ).
It seemed like everyone else also enjoyed...and I hope they did.There are other teams from my class who are already in the league.Its fun, why wouldn't they be? and
my wishes are with them.

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