Tuesday, 11 December 2007

I am...

I am me...

My story is so deep and wide
which,forever my smile shall hide,
far from the truth,what my eyes will tell
all hidden in a dark and dingy well

My soul to the devil,did I sell
Mine ain't a heart, I'ts a heart shaped hell
I'll never tell you,because it ain't ya burden to know
No tears,I'll only reap what I'll sow

I try to sow the best,with the future in mind
from ants to elephants,I've tried to be kind
Today,roars of laughter to punctuate my sorrow.
I know for sure,I'll be happy tomorrow

Tomorrow will come,but it'll take a day or two
till then,let me tell you,I can love too
a heady mix of emotions I always sail in
Dreams not for you mate,throw 'em in the bin

My survival never ceases to amaze those,
those,who've heard my untold prose
Haunted day and night by the ghost of the past
yet I stay away from a delusional holocaust

Go Ahead,Laugh with me, AT ME , I've now made your day?
but remember, the sun will shine for me too ,'ll make hay
Yet,I wouldn't want anybody to pay
nope,all are forgiven, nobody should pay


  1. I AM WHAT I AM.......RBK... u be its next ambassador...!! :P :P

  2. This is a nice poem.. Grt work.. But it reveals that there is lot of pain somewhere deep inside. All i can say is -- " As mud settles down in water after sometime, wait with patience for sometime for things to settle down in life " - Buddha.

  3. You have a great hold on your words to express all that you feel.Very few people are capable of doing it in the form of a poem.And fewer are good at it.Great job!

  4. anyone can go crazy abt you are such a sweet soul...i liked it..none would expect you to know all abt the world around you, whatever may be your answers positive or negative they just make them access the man in you..with this poem of yours, i understand that u are a sweetheart, anyone would absolutely completely adore you...good job..

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  7. Hey good job guru!
    You were good in making up stories ;)
    Now you have started writing poems!! the way u have expressed ur feelings n everything is really touching!
    continue the good work!

  8. GREAT JOB DUDE!!.. keep it up!!.. d poem s really awesome.. bt 2 whom hv u written ds eh??.. 2 ur graveyard gf[i knw u'l kill m 4 ds,dat ws supposed 2 b a secret rite??]RoCk oN!!.. n keep writin!!..

  9. liked the ur optimism reflected in ur poetry...I too know for sure,ul be happy tomorrow

  10. loooooved the last line!!!