Monday, 10 December 2007

The Microprocessor lab

3 hours? are you bullshitting me??? It felt like 3 years.
The lab I was most scared of!The moment arrived and I got the programs that I thought I would be ok with.THANK GOD!!Well,there are two parts...the first part(sofware) was done in a jiffy!beautiful.The second one, I had never tried,I was unsure about it.I tried it,it seemed to work.
But something told me that it wasn't totally right.OK FINE SMARTASS...everything about the question told me it wasn't right.But that was the program that my friends had passed onto me, they said it was right.I also recalled a friend tell me during the labs that this was the way the program worked.I still wanted to make sure.I turned to my right, lo and behold the topper was sitting there, I whishpered to him " Question 3B...I am getting the sqaure of input - X*X is that correct??" He confidently answered in affirmative.I asked again " Are you sure???" he replied "yes".Poor guy!He was already scolded once for some whispering...and here I was, troubling him all over again.
Still something about the program didn't seem right!But I was the dumb guy.So I must be wrong, there is no way three brilliant students can be wrong.Anyway I had got one of the programs working at least, so I decided to cool my nerves and show the output, if it was wrong I could try something later on.
I looked at my watch it was 9 AM...the internal examiner said -"What I'll be there"


9:30AM waiting


10AM waiting


10:30 AM sleeping


10:40 AM

the external examiner calls me for VIVA, he totally messes me up with his weird way of asking questions.Something told me that he was dying of laughter within himself, just looking at my face.I know "I AM A DUMB GUY" is written all over my face...but this was really irritating me.
After receiving two phone calls , one of which seemed to be a marriage proposal (Now I was dying of laughter,inside ofcourse!!!I wanted to tear open my shirt and run out of the lab laughing, kicking and screaming ) he came back to me and asked me to show the output.
He asked me if it was correct."Knock!Knock! Hellooooo anybody home? Would I show you the output if I thought it was wrong? " I wanted to say!But I just said "Yeah!".
He asked me to show it to my internal instead.

The god damned woman was nowhere in site!!!
11:05 AM

she finally shows up at my system and I am humbled by her punctuality! She checks the first output,then I think she marked it (??).For the second one she calmly says..."oh this is wrong!!!...anyway, your time is up"

Had she come 20 minutes early I could have done something!!
Had I just once told myself - you are not so dumb (at least for the time being) , try and work it right, you idiot!!!
Had I this...
Had I that...

No use crying over split milk they say.At least this time I consider that it was not a run of bad luck but of bad preparation.I suffered from bad luck in the labs...for once I can say that I didn't!Even though nothing much seems to changed in the outcome!

"GO TO HELL!!!" I muttered and walked out of the lab wondering what was to happen of the my buddies who were still left behind


  1. its me who actually misguided our ICEMAN .. i was scold once for having discussion with one of my classmate during lab exam ..also iwas not in a position to open my mouth ..the xternal was watching me that time our ICEMAN asked me abt the i/p that we have to give to the logic controller ...i thought he said X*Y ...i simply nodded my head assuming that he understood the question given in the syllabus ....but the situation was totally different ...

  2. dude.. u could have read the question properly.. its given X*Y. so tat u could have modified it.. anyways got relieved of tension from this horrible lab na.. forget.. thumara badluck ech karab tha :)

  3. Misguided is a bad choice of word!

    The mistake is mine and only mine... will kill me with your sweetness!!Please dont blame yourself!!! I have told you a zillion times!

    You will make me regret writing this...

    I wrote it for a good laugh ashte!!

    I am totally koole after exam...

    as Raghs is a relief!!!!

  4. honestly,was it a marriage proposal?????????????
    i thought you would have given him that funny laugh of yours,the one you were using to scare the puppies.I can barely control myself reading this-how did you actually manage to keep a straight face????????

  5. Yeah!!
    Ask Chaitra...she was with me, but she was damn tense, I don't know how of it she could gauge!!

  6. By the way, that funny laugh (TRADEMARK) ,
    was not to scare the puppies, I was half expecting them to laugh with me!!

  7. LOLz!!!
    How could u control your funny bone guru!! I am laughing my guts out by just reading!! I know u wouldn have listened to even one question after this happened!! I wonder how u could
    keep straight face after this!! :)
    N the TRADEMARK of urs might make puppies laugh but will definitely scare ppl like me ;)