Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Whats in the news??

A few weeks back, as I sit down to recollect all the news of the day I read into my thoughts as...

1)The govt. has fallen (Again)
2)India put up a poor show on the field (Again)
3)A three year old girl raped and murdered (Again)
4)Violence somewhere-everywhere (Again)
5)I have failed in another subject (Again)
6)Another one of my friends not speaking to me (Again)
7)Deepak doesn't want to see my face (...Again)
8)No development in my project

More the things change,more they stay the same...but somehow I wish my life remained same through lots of changes than staying same like a stagnant pool of pond scum!

a few days back I sit down again to recollect the news...

1)Kevin Rudd, wins elections in Oz,overthrows John Howard and as first act as PM signs Kyoto Protocol! - YOU GO DUDE!!! hudaman?Udaman!!
2)India win a test Vs Pak
3)I complete my project -thnx to some angels :)
4)Only one Tigress shot dead in Vidarbha as against the 'Shoot-at-sight' order for all tigers in region, operation called off after Man-eater killed!
5)I am getting closer :) I can sense it...hang in there tiger,you deserve it.
6)Future seems much more brighter...focus will return!

Now...things can change? for better or for worse? cause if anything can go will and I'm looking to leave nothing to chance!
Lets wait and watch!

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