Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Excuse me!

Harbhajjan allegedly called Andrew Symonds -" Big monkey" I am sure it is rascism and deeply deeply hurting for all monkeys!The ICC is going to take action on behalf of the International Monkey Association [IMA ]

Jokes apart, I'm deeply disgusted at the turn of events.
I wont be surprised if Bhajji really did abuse Symonds.It is wrong, but paying no heed to an Indian's word,especially someone as reputed as Sachin is a bigger abuse.

I dont even need to mention the 'unsportsman-like' conduct from the Aussies.I actually thought they were within their rights when they were appealing, but what I found really funny was when Steve Waugh was asked about what he felt of this 'unsportsman-like' conduct he said " I have to defend them, I completely support them, this is the way we play, this is our culture"
LOL are you telling me you are uncultured Mr.Waugh?
This is the kind of stuff that makes it so hard for people to be a fan of great cricketers from Oz,retired or not.

Now, what remains is to see India face a humiliating defeat down under after the BCCI is done with flexing its muscles with ICC just cause all the money is in India.

And finally..."Big Monkey"....rascism?, helloo? Are you really so dumb or is the effect of sitting on your ass all day and DNA[ Doing Nothing Again] ???

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