Friday, 18 January 2008

The resident of my heart

It's a lush green meadow and I lay here in the sun
She bends over me,about to kiss,she is my hun
She stops,smiles,her hair glows in the sunlight
and a bright face sets my heart pounding right

Her laughter,giggle,chuckle reverberate in me
her voice gives me goosebumps,her face I wanna see
Back to the meadows,she is about to kiss, I wish time stops now
I love you baby,from the bottom of my heart and how...

I love your tantrums,your scoldings and your anger
I love everything about you,I know I'm in danger
In danger of a heartbreak but who really cares?
Victory goes to him,he who really dares

I gaze into her eyes, they are smiling too :)
so full of love!I wish I could hold you
This is the best portrait I have in my mind
To have blessed me with it,you are so kind

I want three things, your love,your love & your love
Give it to me and we will fly far far above
all of my heart's yours, my dearest dear
With your hands in mine,I got nothing to fear
you will be mine then,there is nothing to fear...


  1. " RESIDENT of my HEART "
    is a wonderful poem
    green meadow that uve added gives an artistic view of ur imagination
    we rarely find such kind of thoughts
    u have proved urself once again iceman
    KEEP IT UP :)

  2. a passionate piece of writing ...loved it