Thursday, 28 February 2008

Ahhh, normalcy restored

It's that time of the year again that we go through twice where I come and cry about my results each time on my blog.Unfortunately for fellow bloggers and readers there has not been one instance where I was able to brag about my results and this time it ain't much of a shiner either.

There is a limit to everything innit?well, I 'spose there is cause my life has dented my lips from smile-to-straight face-sad-sadder-sadder-sadder... and so on, so many times that it has reached its limits.Guess what? It's come back to where it started from, that is the good old smile.There is absolutely nothing that can make me frown anymore.Yipee.

Recently too many things seemed to be going nice for me, it didn't feel normal anymore.Something Gosta Gosta Give!OOPS!

Saturn[Shani kaata A.K.A VTU] got closer to the earth and something was on the cards.we were all invited to the party by VTU and what a party, did the VTU rock our lives apart or what?.The hangover still ain't gone.Yeah baby!

A self-assessment said that this was my best performance so far, but this was a party fulla surprises.The party-throwers seemed to out-perform me.
May all the evaluators rot in wait that ain't enuff, let them ROT IN VTU!!!

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