Monday, 11 February 2008

Love at first sight?

I had just come back home from a really tiring game of cricket.I had just bowled 8 overs that evening and I was sweating buckets of sweat from head to toe. As I approached the gate to my home I stopped to speak to some of my neighbours. The usual mockery, teases and taunts, what else? As I was laughing I got this weird feeling I was being watched. I looked around. There was absolutely nobody watching me, except of course the people I was talking to. Barely 2 minutes later, I felt it again. This time I looked further and lo, across the street , a cute chick is sitting on a chair in her portico and staring at me from the distance. I looked behind me to see what I was missing on...over me, around me...well, there was only me. She was staring right at me. WOW.  Her head is resting on her hands and her long black hair is covering her hand.B-E-A-utiful!!

But, why was she staring at me? Maybe she was lost in her thoughts or something. Oh well, I decided to go and freshen up. I go in wash my face and neck, change my clothes, Tidy up the room. All this took about 20 minutes roughly and then there was a power cut, so I stepped out onto my own portico because there was still some light outside, I could at least talk to the neighbours until the power returned. As I begin to talk, I recalled the cute chick and try to find her...there is she is. Right where I saw her last and WOW she is still watching me. I strained my eyes to see if it was really me she was staring at. It definitely seemed so. It was getting dark and my curiosity was rising. What did she see in a beast like me? People who have known me for years hate to associate with was she so fast? what...?when...? where...?

Suddenly the power was restored and the bright light pierced all our eyes.When our pupils became accustomed to the 100W bulbs in our porticoes and the street lights my vision straight away went towards the damsel. She was still there...on the same chair and now that her portico was also lit up by bulbs, there was no doubt she was staring at me. Listen to that guys, she was staring at ME...for nearly an hour now. She hadn't moved. Only once in a while when her silly cousins came out and said something to her, she moved her neck towards him and made swift moments with her right hand, while the left still supported her head, or when she had to reply to some query from inside the house. So that negated the possibility that she was dead.

Again all the questions started swimming in my head. Is this love at first sight? Is this why they say love is blind? After all she was staring at a mirror cracking material for so long...maybe love is blind after all innit?

I began to think...this is it...the moment....the cute chick...she was interested in me...she must have observed me over the days, I was a fool to have let her cute face slip from my notice. Doesn't matter. It's never too late. We can work things out now. I will explain to her that I had never looked across the street. She will understand.

It was close to 2 hours now, she was smiling.WOW...cutie smiling at me? wonder of wonders. I wanted to see how long this would go on. How long? My legs are getting tired now. I think thoughts like
"Why the blimey did she hafta stare at me?" crossed my head at break-neck speed a couple of times. I am still wondering all sorts of things about our future and all the planning I had to do, all the mature decisions I had to take, all the things I would have to consult her about...

The girl got up, took her hand off her ears and revealed a cellphone in it. She moved her fingers and obviously cut the call. Now she rotated her left wrist and neck to relieve herself of all the niggle caused by the 2 hour phone call. Stretched thoroughly and shouted something like "Hoon bande atthe" (Yeah aunt, I'm coming ) and walked back into the house.

Me? I just had my dinner and went to bed.

[Dated: Sometime about 4 years ago]


  1. LOLZZ :D

    to love someone is an oppurtunity
    to be loved by someone is luck
    to live with someone whom u love is achievement
    to live with someone who loves u is LIFE

    after reading ur "love at first sight"...i cant imagine how ppl think abt girls...
    a smile on a child's face make dead ppl alive but a smile on a girl's face make livin gppl dead...our iceman was almost dead today....thanks to NOKIA or AIRTEL...whatever it is ..otherwise we woulve lost a precious beast :)

  2. well -must say,u have myopia.....LOL.
    next time u see a girl on her terrace,keep some binoculars in handy,so u can verify that the female under ur observation is not involved in a conversation by means of a cellphone.btw,theres a good chance shes using her hands free.
    wat the heck-next time,just shout at her and ask if she is really staring at u only.
    better luck next time!!!!!!!!

  3. che........i feel like crying...!! :P :P

  4. dint u notice her talking over the phone???.....sad story although

  5. :D :D i cant say anything else

  6. C'mon Nikhil I know you are a tit-4-tat baby, but u can do better than!

  7. he he he... very nice.. :)

  8. I just knew this post would have some tragic ending, and I was right (unfortunate for you). I've had little moments like that, but never for 2 hours... like when you think someone's waving at you and you wave back but then you realize it's someone else they were waving at...

    Actually there's a hilarious old episode of Sex and the City where Miranda's gorgeous neighbor in an apartment across from her starts flashing her, so she gradually starts flashing him too, trying to act all sexy and everything. This goes on for a week at least, every night, and then she sees him in the grocery store. She gets up the courage to go up to him and smile and said something like "remember me?" and he's totally clueless. Then he's like "oh yeah, you're that lady who lives above the hot guy I've been chasing"

    I'm off to read your other post now. Part 2?

  9. For anybody who is wondering what the second part is all about: