Sunday, 3 February 2008

No Mum, I'm just dyslexic

Tare zameen par is a great movie...though I am not dyslexic at all, the movie did remind me of my childhood.I used to be always lost in my world like that kid and the comparision ends there.

But there is a catch to this great movie.Won't all the kids in the nation who watch this movie now just start to blame their laziness on 'Di-di-di-dislecksia' ?? India is a competitive country now, no doubt.Every household is hellbent on producing scoring machines, but for that small percentage of children who ought to study for the sake of good education and yet don't manage a decent score will now just blame it on this mental condition even though they ARE infact lazy, not mention the actual successful ones which decide to convert into their lazy world counterparts.

Revolutionary movie!!!Yeah revolutionary all right! Thanks to TZP the traditional " Ma'am the dog ate my homework" lines will be replaced by the brand new " Ma'am, I'm dyslexic ".

And Mr.Khan do you really expect us to believe you made the movie only for parents?After all India is the most youthful nation in the world, with a huge percentage of the population in between 12-25 age group!I'm sure you did your math before making your directorial venture.
Do you expect us to believe that, especially after you asked us to drink coke [which has a ph<3 just as much as a toilet cleaner] just so that you can laugh all the way to the bank , when you really don't drink that god-damned drink yourself??

After all the brickbats...I would still like to say, TZP is awesome...but its a strict NO-NO for kids.It should get an "Adults only" rating even though its artistically shot!

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