Thursday, 21 February 2008

Please waste some time!

It's amazing how we break our heads to find ways to waste time during the classes throughout the semester and still keep away from homes where as during the exams its totally opposite.Amazing because we go through that process twice a year and we never learn.

Everytime there is a class going on we just want the teacher to come late to the class , yeah 10 minutes would be appropriate and then we want them to leave another 10 minutes early.In between of course a good 5 minutes is wasted surely while taking attendance.So ideally we have to go through 35 minutes of lecture...which rarely is the occasion.
OK! Then what do we do? - C R ELECTIONS!!Yippee!
So much trouble to waste one class?well, we will take what we can snatch, right? right!

So we finally manage to get two guys to stand for the "all important" C R Elections , both of whom look like oversized action figures. The duration of both their speeches is proportional to their respective heights.Damn them.We don't give a rat's butt of their speeches, but time is of essence, you need to waste it you morons!Right now it seems that that is their sole purpose on earth.

We take our time in "choosing our leader" after all its no easy decision.After careful examination and analysis of the candidates, we take a really tough decision: to almost unanimously elect one guy.
But the turning point of the day belongs to the fact that a person who wasn't a candidate landed herself a neat 3 votes.

Well now for the Thank you speech and it lasts 2 minutes long which if it wasn't for all the laughing and giggling and 'tee-hees' by our newly elected CR, would have actually lasted 5 seconds.He seems to be learning fast!

*Its only a few hours until he realises that "Class rep" is just a fancy word for a "Scape goat" and the poor bloke is running around in order to bring to effect a celebratory all day mass bunk of the classes just so that he doesn't have to listen to the " Hey,you are useless "
"What do you think we elected you for? "
" Hey move your butt and get those super-nerds to bunk"
"COME ON!! BE A MAN.I KNOW IT'S HARD, BUT TRY!!" and et al. *

OnE dAy WaStEd nOw WhAt?
well there is always the re-elections, blue-books / (dirty) yellow books or what-ever-you-call-em books , the PC elections, The presidential elections...all of which are not just that effective or not effective at all.

As for the teacher, she ensured for our own sake that the remaining 10 minutes of the class was well wasted by arranging for some "activity" which most people took surprisingly seriously and we even got to witness the POWERPUFF girls!

One hour well wasted...Mission accomplished!


  1. if the teachers do resolve to actually put us through their lecture-there will always be prac records that need completion or books to read(fiction).well,considering that even our text books come under that category-ill be more specific-fiction that is intresting at any point of time unlike our syllabus.and yeah there's always antakshari-that option can be implemented if the teacher is dumb and deaf too!!!!and u can always chit-chat endlessly abt nothing...and if by some miracle we do have a good lecture,we sometimes can behave as students-just for the heck of it!!!!!!!

  2. guess it is fine to waste time common everyone has a limit of saturation